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MyGov is currently inviting applications for the listed positions:

Graphic Designer[PDF]110.51 KB

Video Editor[PDF]118.63 KB

Sr. Associate_Assistant Manager (iOS Developer)[PDF]79.74 KB

Social Media Manager_10 languages[PDF]87.64 KB

Graphic Designer

Click here to apply- https://forms.gle/gYM5gN3yrLGW8smE9

 Video Editor

Click here to apply- https://forms.gle/HpgyQafANNv9nsvu6

 iOS Developer

Click here to apply- https://forms.gle/fhpSvyetMgbXB1R76

 Social Media Manager

Click here to apply- https://forms.gle/gYM5gN3yrLGW8smE9  


Last date of application 9th Jan 2023.