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R&D in IT Projects

1. Centre of Excellence of Quantum Technologies

2. Design and Development of Quantum Computing Toolkit (simulator, Workbench) and Capacity Building

3. Development of quantum optical sensor-based system to identify and categorize arsenic and lead in water even with very low concentration

4. Development of Multi-Modal Analytics Framework for Machine-Assisted Diagnosis of Pediatric Pneumonia

5. Design, Development and Deployment of Interactive Mobile Enabled Centralized Remote Eye Care Delivery System

6. Development of Forest Fire Spread Model using Satellite Remote Sensing and computational including CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) in Sikkim Himalayas using High Performance Computing System

7. Saswathaiswaryam: Knowledge-Discovery & Dissemination from Palm Leaf Manuscripts through ICT

8. Deep Learning based Real Time Hardware in Loop Simulation for Islanding Detection and Protection in Microgrid

9. Customization, Enhancement & Development of Intelligence framework using Analytics for Detection of Chronic Illness from Retinal Images

10. Artificial Intelligence for Early Predictive Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease using Multi-Modal Imaging Data

11. Child Face Age Progression and Regression to Trace Missing Children

12. Affordable Deep Learning based Point-of-Care Cardiac Monitoring for Heart Attack Survivors Powered by Lab-on-Chip Technology

13. Blockchain and Machine Learning Powered Unified Video KYC Framework

14. Design and Development of software system for detecting and flagging Deepfake Videos and Images

15. Design and Development of a unified Blockchain Framework for offering National Blockchain Service

16. Identifying Anomalous Dealers in GST using Big Data Analytics

17. Indigenous Intelligent and Scalable Neuromorphic Multi Chip for AI Training and interface Solutions

18. Development of Application oriented AI System

19. Improving the effectiveness of the Gems and Jewellery to Industry by leveraging Machine Learning and Data Science to improve the Hit Ration Casting issues

20. SMDP-M.Tech in Electronics /IT Product Design

21. Development of computational protocols for designing inhibitors using PARP-I as model and synthesis & biological evaluation of designed inhibitors

22. A Brain Machine Interface enabled Assistive Communication System for special needs

23. A Multi-Modal Neuro-Physiological Framework for Cognitive Behavioral Analysis

24. Speech to Speech Translation for Tribal Languages using Deep Learning Framework

25. AI-on-Edge: AI-based edge analytics framework for real time disaster Management