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S.No. Name of the project and Implementing Agency Outlay (Rs. in lakhs) Amount released so far ( Rs. in lakhs)
  Middleware, Applications & Platform for 5G Environment-CDAC Pune 317.92 179.55
  Design and development of X-band high power passive and active devices –Sameer Guwahati 287.000 96.000
3. Development of Through-Wall-Imaging (TWI) Radar for Homeland Security; SAMEER Mumbai 67.69 34.480
4. Development of Signal and Channel Models, Circuits, and Antennas for Next Generation Wireless Systems with Emphasis on Vehicular Communication- IIT Guwahati 474.96 350
5. Analysis of deep learning technique for Electronics Warfare 5G applications – SAMEER Chennai 67.81 53.92
6. Design of efficient and secure IoT communication framework in context of content centric Network using Elliptic Curve Cryptography - A Next generation smart communication technology- NIT Sikkim 67.69 29.13
7. Analysis, Design and Implementation of Intelligent Reflected Surfaces (IRS) Assisted Wireless Communication Systems-VNIT 58.6 30.58
8. Development of efficient joint antenna and user scheduling schemes for massive MIMO limited feedback broadcast channels for 5G and beyond communication systems- NIT Silchar 16.489 6.017
9. Design and Development of MIMO based Microwave Imaging System for Target Detection and Identification behind the Wall – IIT Roorkee 166.3 84.1
10. High Performance Programmable simulation framework for Quantum Network/Internet Communication- CDAC Bangalore 144.06 73.60
11. Design Studies of High Power RF Amplifiers and Development of Antennae for mm-wave backhaul/fronthaul Connectivity for 5G-CEERI Pilani 103.05 35.90
12. Efficient conformal antenna and array by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 39.18 23.6840
13. Real-Time Edge Computing Architectures for LiDAR based Intelligent Transportation Systems-IIT Hyderabad 198.96551 103.3347
14. A Data-Centric Approach to Study Fundamental Limits of Communication in Adversarial Wireless Networks-IIT Delhi and IIIT Delhi 52.85 34.425
15. AI Based 6 G network slicing for multi UAV prototype- IIT Patna, 63.02 30.24
16. Intelligent joint Radar Communication transceiver design and prototype beyond 5 G – IIIT Delhi 90.00 38.3
17. A Machine Learning Framework for Deploying Mobile Edge Clouds for Real-Time Analytics on IoT Data over 5G- NIT Meghalaya 45.00 21.78520
18. Development of secured and reliable spectrum allocation-Tezpur , south Asia University and IIIT Naya Raipur 99.37 41.63952
19. Project “5G+/6G Converged Terrestrial and Satellite IoT (5G+/6G-sIoT) by IIT Hyderabad 1300 670
20. Development of mmWave radio meter for NE region of India for climate modeling studies for weather changes –SAMEER Mumbai 289.10 162
24 Metro area Quantum access Network – MAQAN – IIT Madras, SETS and CDAC Bangalore 1015 242.77772
21. Design and implementation of non-orthogonal multiple access technique for future wireless system- IIT Indore 42.46480 22.22960
22. Designing Reliable and Low-latency Networks for

Tactile Cyber-Physical Systems – IISc Bangalore, ERNET India
114 74.85
23. Computation of a Localization Method to Compensate for Malicious Anchor Node behavior in UWSN- NIT Patna 29.840 13.11280
24. Quantum Communication using entangled photons – SAMEER Mumbai 99.30(60+ 39.3) 34
26. To propose a 5G HCRAN based communication system for cellular and device tier users- NIT Raipur 27.46(21.89) 7.722
27. To propose a 5G HCRAN based communication system for cellular and device tier users- NIT Raipur 27.46(21.89) 7.722