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National Single Sign-On (NSSO)

In order to access various Government services and portals, citizens have to use different IDs and passwords which they need to remember. Many times, it becomes very difficult to remember these IDs and passwords for citizens. In order to address this concern, NSSO with the three SSOs at back end, namely Parichay/Jan-Parichay by NIC, e-Pramaan by CDAC Mumbai, DigiLocker by NeGD, has been envisaged (www.meripehchaan.gov.in), which is a user authentication service wherein single set of credentials can provide access to multiple online applications or services. NSSO provides Single-Sign-On (SSO) along with Password, OTP, Digital Certificate and Biometric (fingerprint/iris) as configurable authentication factors.

For citizens, it eliminates the need to repeatedly prove their identities to different applications and hold different credentials for each application. To the application owner; it helps to save time, efforts and cost to build the authentication systems for every service independently. The NSSO platform also empowers the Government to rollout services envisioned for the citizens in a seamless and efficient way of providing convenience to citizens as well as government Ministries/Departments/States.

Website: https://meripehchaan.gov.in/