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Model RFP Template and Guidance Notes for e-Gov projects

MeitY had undertaken an initiative to create the Model RFP documents for e-Governance projects which would address issues & encourage the industry to partner with the Government in making India digital. The Model RFP documents have been developed through a consultative approach involving Government and industry stakeholders.

Model RFP documents consists of 3 sets of documents covering the following categories of procurements commonly needed in most of the e- Governance projects:-

Each document comprises of Standard RFP templates, Contact Agreement and Guidance Notes.

These documents are advisory in nature and aim to sensitize the bid management teams on good practices and harmonize/standardize the RFP clauses and terms & conditions. However, the documents do not substitute or overrule any approvals currently required by the concerned Department/State Government/ Purchaser for finalization of the RFP.

Ministry / Department/ State Governments are requested to facilitate the adoption of these documents in e-Governance projects.