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MeitY Business Rules

The Allocation of Business Rules Pertaining to Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology


1. Policy matters relating to information technology; Electronics; and Internet (all matters other than licensing of Internet Service Provider). 

2. Promotion of internet, IT and IT enabled services. 

  2 A. Promotion of Digital Transactions including Digital Payments.2 

3. Assistance to other departments in the promotion of E-Governance, E- Commerce, E- Medicine, E- Infrastructure, etc. 

4. Promotion of Information Technology education and Information Technology-based education. 

5. Matters relating to Cyber Laws, administration of the Information Technology Act. 2000 (21 of 2000) and other IT related laws. 

6. Matters relating to promotion and manufacturing of Semiconductor Devices in the country excluding all matters relating to Semiconductor Complex Limited (SCL), Mohali.3   

7. Interaction in IT related matters with international agencies and bodies e.g. Internet for Business Limited (IFB), Institute for Education in Information Society (IBI) and International Code Council – on line (ICC). 

8. Initiative on bridging the Digital Divide: Matters relating to Digital India Corporation. 

9. Promotion of Standardization, Testing and Quality in IT and standardization of procedure for IT application and Tasks. 

10. Electronics Export and  Computer Software Promotion Council (ESC). 

11. National Informatics Centre (NIC). 

12. Initiatives for development of Hardware/Software industry including knowledge– based enterprises, measures for promoting IT exports and competitiveness of the industry. 

13. All matters relating to personnel under the control of the Ministry.4    

14. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).5


1  Inserted vide Amendment series no.327 dated 16.07.2016. Earlier (as Department) modified vide Amendment series no.300 dated 26.02.2012

2  Inserted vide Amendment series no. 332 dated 13.02.2017.

3  Inserted vide Amendment series no.279 dated 01.03.2005 and further modified vide no.322 dated 17.03.2016.

4  Modified vide Amendment series no.281 dated  01.09.2005, Further modified vide amendment series no.327 dated 16.07.2016.

5  Inserted vide Amendment series no.318 dated 12.09.2015 (Earlier inserted under Planning Commission vide Amendment Series no.296 dated 22.02.2010, and in NITI Aayog vide series no.312)