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Major Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  1. Design and development of a Zero Trust Network Access system,being implemented by C-DAC, Bangalore
  2. Implementation of Monitors and Secure manoeuvres for semi-Autonomous Connected Vehicle Platoons,being implemented by IIT-Kharagpur
  3. Cyber Security Technology Development and Centre of Excellence being implemented by DSCI,Noida
  4. Setting up of a collaborative and comprehensive live cyber operations specific exercise training facility (Cyber Closet) for Indian Cyber Space being implemented by C-DAC,Noida
  5. Feature augmented Password Cracking for Cryptographically Strong Tools using High Performance Computing jointly, being implemented by C-DAC Kolkata and C-DAC Bangalore
  6. Advanced Facility for Evaluating and Testing security of mobile applicatioons and its threat evaluation being implemented by C-DAC,Hyderabad
  7. Establishment of a National Facility for Security Testing, Evaluation and Certification of IoT Devices & Embedded System leading to Security Assurance being implemented by C-DAC,Hyderabad
  8. SAFENET- A Technology Framework for safe& Healthy usage of Internet, being implemented by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  9. Design and implementation of secure embedded system for remote monitored implantable medical devices, being implemented byIIT- Kharagpur
  10. Design and Development of a mobile device security solution addressing emerging Threat being implemented by C-DAC Hyderabad
  11. Building Trust on Computing Platform and Training of Secure Coding of Security Chips being implemented by C-DAC Noida and IIT Bhilai
  12. CI Protection framework with asset Management tool and SOC, being implemented by C-DAC Bangalore
  13. Review and Validation of PDP (Prevent-Detect-Protect) Framework and Design and Development of a Compliance Checker Tool for the Framework beingimplemented byJadavpur University, Kolkata
  14. Enhancing Security using Lightweight Cryptography in IoT Underlying Communication Network, being implemented by Cotton University Guwahati
  15. “विश्लेषकी2: Unified Platform for Social Media Content Analytics”, being implemented byIIT, Guwahati
  16. Development of Cyber Forensic Training cum Investigation Labs in North-Eastern States and Cloud based centralized Cyber Forensics Lab Infrastructures, being implemented by NIELIT,Kohima and CDAC,Kolkata

Completed Projects

  1. Development of person identification system using online handwriting, being implemented by IIT Guwahati.
  2. Design and Development of Forensic data Analytics Tool for investigators, being implemented by C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram.
  3. Development of Technologies for security testing and validation methodologies for Cryptographic Modules being implemented by IISc Bangalore and C-DAC Bangalore.
  4. Distributed Centre of Excellence for Block-chain Technology, being implemented by C-DAC, Hyderabad, VJTI Mumbai and IDRBT, Hyderabad.
  5. Research on Multimodal context switching using multispectral face, periocular and Iris recognition at a distance,being implemented by IIIT Delhi.
  6. Enhanced Decryption Tool on Heterogeneous Platform, being implemented by C-DAC Bangalore
  7. Development of Algorithms for Matching near-infrared facial images to visible light imags across variation in pose and resolution, being implemented by IISc Bangalore
  8. Development of secure authenticated encryption scheme for lightweight applications, being implemented by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  9. Establishment of an Anti-Spam Coordination Centre, being implemented by NIELIT, Imphal and Guwahati
  10. Development of SCADA Secure update and monitoring of RTU, being implemented by C-DAC Bangalore.