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Major Research Outcome

Capacity Building

  • Under Ministry’s vision of NE 2022 – Capacity Development programme of 8 NE States has been initiated. 8 Cyber Forensics Training cum Investigation Labs with modern facilities has been created in 8 NIELIT Centre of North Eastern states.
    So far, approximately 1000 manpower among Police and Judiciary has been trained with various levels of Training in all 8 NE states.Cyber Forensics Training cum Investigation Labs
  • A State-of-Art Collaborative and Comprehensive Live Cyber Operations Specific Exercise Training Facility (Cyber CLOSET) for Indian Cyber Space has been setup to prepare and enable Indian critical Infrastructure organizations to test the Physical IT Infrastructure, Processes and People (PPP) against cyber-attacks. A wardrobe of around 300 live, real time, simulative and readymade cyber security exercises has been developed for capacity building and cyber preparedness.
    About 1500 personnel has been trained to cope up with and recover from a hostile cyber-attack along with the identification of weaknesses in their existing cyber security implementations to improve their security measures and policies.

Infrastructure created

  • Crypto Module Validation , testing and Evaluation (CMVP) at IISc Bangalore and C-DAC Bangalore
  • Security Evaluation , Testing and Exploratory Research - at STQC Kolkata
  • Establishment of a National Facility for Security Testing , Evaluation and Certification of IoT Devices and Embedded System (NPE 2019).
  • Infrastructure Facility at - NCoE: Specialized Software and Hard ware: HPC, Cyber Forensics and Security Testing.Training Centre and Niche Skill Building for Start-ups. Experience Zone. Collaboration and Co-creation Space

HPC, Cyber Forensics and Security Testing.Training Centre

Major Research Output

Technologies successfully developed and transferred/demonstrated includes:

  • SIEM Network Monitoring , Threat Intelligence and Early warning system: Deployment 21 locations : ISPs- MTNL , BSNL , JIO, AIRTEL , DoTSIEM Network Monitoring ,Threat Intelligence and Early warning system
  • Cyber Forensics Tools ( Cyber Check, Mobile Check , AdviK , WinLifT) : Deployment : NICFS , State Police and Cyber Forensics Departments , MHACyber Forensics Tools ( Cyber Check, Mobile Check , AdviK , WinLifT)