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IPR Initiatives

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has always acknowledged R&D and promotion of innovation as an integral part of the ICT ecosystem. Towards this it has been supporting the entire value chain of R&D activities in the country ranging from the basic components to sophisticated product development in the sphere of ICT.

Recognizing the need for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) as a vital component of innovation and scientific advance and that many of the benefits of inventions will be lost if the resulting IP is not protected, MeitY has made significant strides in recent years in creating a conducive ICT-IPR ecosystem for creation, protection, awareness and commercialization of IP as well as IP Rights.

Towards this MeitY is having a dedicated division for IPR related support services created with the objectives of:

  • Spreading awareness and facilitating support
  • Promoting IPR in ICT domain
  • Creating a conducive infrastructure for a strong IPR ecosystem

Some of the major IPR initiatives of the division are:

Some of the major initiatives of the division are:

  • Establishment of Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property
  • Providing IP Facilitation Support to MeitY Societies and Grantee Institutions
  • Providing Financial Support to Startups and SMEs for International Patent Filing through SIP-EIT Scheme
  • IPR Awareness through Financial Support to Industry Bodies and Academia
  • Providing Help-Desk services For IPR
  • Creation of IPR Awareness through Digital Media

Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property (CoE-IP)

A robust ICT-IPR ecosystem can help capitalize on the growth-enhancing effects of innovation vis-à-vis ICT. MeitY recognizes the importance of creating a conducive framework for IPR protection and has unleashed a slew of initiatives over the years to protect intellectual assets emanating from our country. Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property (CoE-IP) established under TIDE 2.0 scheme and run by CDAC Pune is one such initiative which was envisioned with the objective of helping innovators, startups and SMEs to understand the value of intellectual property (IP), offer value added services and ensure adequate protection of the IPRs. CoE-IP is being implemented with a budgetary outlay of Rs.323.77 Lakhs over a period of 5 years. The aim of the project is to encourage the growth of IP in ICT by way of creating a conducive framework for identification, protection and monetisation of IPRs.


  • To encourage the growth of IP in ICT by way of providing various IP related services
  • Creating awareness and facilitating IPR support to Startups/ SMEs/academia/inventors
  • Sensitizing about intellectual property protection and avoidance of infringement
  • Facilitation of know-how on various facets of IPR filing (patents, copyrights, trademark, etc.)
  • Providing IPR assistance to MeitY supported R&D projects

For more information visit: www.ict-ipr.in

Contact Details
Team IPR
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
E-mail- ipr[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact- 011-24301715

IPR Facilitation for MeitY R&D Societies and Grantee Institutions

To translate the Ministry’s vision for creating state-of-the-art R&D paradigm in the country Innovation and IPR Division has been supporting its, R&D societies and grantee institutions in filing IPRs which includes patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks.

Salient Features

  • MeitY provides facilitation support to file patents of MeitY R&D societies/ Autonomous bodies who have executed R&D projects using MeitY Grants as well as for its inbound IPRs.
  • The assignee ownership of IPR is as per the terms and conditions governing the grant in aid for the particular funded R&D project.
  • End to end facilitation including prior art searches and maintenance of the IPRs.

For the above activities, the following document may be downloaded, filled and forwarded through the concerned programme division of MeitY:

MeitY IPR Database

Support for International Patent Protection in E&IT (SIP-EIT) – II for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Technology Startup Units

Support for International Patent Protection in E&IT-II (SIP-EIT-II) is a scheme by MeitY to provide support to MSMEs and Startups that are trying to secure intellectual property rights on a global level. SIP-EIT scheme provides financial support to MSMEs and tech Startups for international patent filing so as to encourage innovation and recognize the value and capabilities of global IP and establish competitive advantage. The scheme was for a period of 5 years with the mandate to support 200 international ICT patent applications.

Salient Features of the Scheme

  • Providing financial support for international patent filing in Information Communication Technologies sector
  • Reimbursement upto maximum of Rs 15 Lakhs per invention or 50 % of the expenses incurred in filing patent, whichever is less
  • The applicant can apply for the support at any stage of international patent filing.
  • Facility to apply online through web-portal http://ict-ipr.in/
  • One application for foreign filing in all countries for a particular invention is considered under the scheme
  • Option of 5 applications per financial year from a single entity
  • This is a pure grant subject to approval by MeitY and no stake in the supported patent is envisaged under the scheme

IPR Awareness

In order to enhance innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in India, it is imperative to harness IP. More specifically, with the phenomenal growth of Indian IT/ITES sector and its need to move up the value chain, it is important to foster innovation and legally protect and exploit IPRs generated in India.

However awareness about IPR procedures and methodologies specifically for a complex domain like ICT continues to pose a challenge for increasing IPR filings.

To address the issue MeitY had initiated a scheme to provide financial support to academic institutions, industry bodies and MeitY autonomous societies for conducting IPR awareness workshops.

Salient Features of the Scheme

  • Educational institutes providing technical education in Electronics & Information Technology domain and preferably having technology incubation park/entrepreneurship cell are eligible for support under the programme.
  • Industry bodies like MAIT, ELCINA, CII, NASSCOM, FICCI, IESA, ASSOCHAM etc. are eligible for support for conducting awareness programmes proposed for working Professional and innovators.
  • MeitY Societies or MeitY Autonomous bodies are eligible for support for workshops/seminars involving international experts.
  • Financial assistance in the form of Grant-in-Aid will be provided to eligible institutions for organizing IPR Awareness workshops/seminars. The funding will be restricted as per following criterion:
    1. Support for awareness programmes in educational institutes will be limited to Rs.2.0 Lakhs per programme
    2. Rs 3.0 Lakhs for awareness programmes to be organized by industry bodies.
    3. Rs 5.0 Lakhs for workshops to be organized by MeitY Societies and MeitY Autonomous bodies and involving international experts.

Patent Analysis and Management System (PAMS)

With the growth of the IT industry as well as other technical sectors an urgent need is felt to protect the IPR generated from India. Scientists as well as innovators need to be able to protect their ideas and ensure that their Intellectual property is protected. However precise information regarding the form of IPR and its management from creation to licensing needs to be made available to the stakeholders to leverage benefits out of intellectual property.

It is to fill this very important lacuna that Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property (CoE-IP) had initiated the Patent Analysis Management System (PAMS) portal for providing a range of value added intellectual property related services.

PAMS is a Single Window Interface for providing:

  • Prior Art Search services
  • Invention Analysis
  • IPR Queries
  • Landscape Reports
  • Latest updates on IPR Awareness programs/ success stories/Blogs

For more information visit: www.ict-ipr.in

IP Panorama

To give an in-depth understanding of the various types of IPRs, a user friendly e-learning multimedia toolkit has been developed by CoE-IP. The prime purpose and focus of the IP Panorama is to create IPR awareness among the targeted stakeholders comprising tech Startups MSMEs, and academia belonging to the ICT domain.

Divided into a total of 10 modules, IP Panorama delves into various facets of intellectual property rights and is attuned to Indian IP laws and systems.

IP Panorama is available at http://ict-ipr.in/index.php/ipr-awareness/ip-panorama.html

For Further Information:
Dr. Somnath Chandra
Director/ Scientist 'F'
Start-ups, Innovation & IPR Division
Government of India
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003
Telephone: +91-11-24301356(Office)
E-mail: schandra[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in