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भारत विकास प्रवेशद्वार

India Development Gateway (InDG) is a nation-wide initiative, supported by DEIT and executed by C-DAC, Hyderabad. InDG facilitates rural empowerment through provision of credible information products and services in local languages that respond to the real and strategic needs of the unreached especially women and poor. In the process, it catalyzes the use of ICT for collaboration and knowledge sharing among development stakeholders.

www.indg.in – Multilingual Portal

  • The multilingual portal, www.indg.in (External website that opens in a new window), developed as part of this initiative hosts information, products and services on the thematic areas (Agriculture, Primary Education, Health, Social Welfare, Rural Energy and E-governance).
  • The portal was formally launched by Hon’ble President of India on 4th July, 2009.
  • Information is presently provided in five Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali) to begin with, apart from English.
  • The portal is a result of symbiotic partnership with over 250 organizations representing varied development stakeholders for content generation and outreach activities.

Products and Services
As the rural landscape is set to take advantage of the flourishing ICT initiatives, by various institutions and more specifically the Common Service Centres, InDG offers the much required content, products and services in local languages that make the difference in the lives of rural people.
InDG is currently offering the following content related services and products:

  • Region specific content in 6 sectors, viz. Agriculture, Health, Primary Education, Social Welfare, Rural Energy and e-Governance.
  • Value added Services like Ask an Expert, Dynamic Market Information, Buyer Seller Platform, Real Time Weather Forecast, E-Learning courses etc.
  • Multilingual Multimedia products, training for kiosk operators etc.

Outreach Activities
Starting from the inception of this initiative, participation of rural communities and networking with development stakeholders working at grassroots has been one of the unique characteristics of India Development Gateway initiative. The following outreach activities are being carried out by InDG team at grassroots level.

  • Region-Specific Multi-stakeholder Consultation Workshops
  • Master trainers programme for the trainers of kiosk operators, VLEs etc.
  • Capacity building programmes for content contributors
  • ICT literacy meetings at community level

For more details please visit www.indg.in