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'ई-क्रांति' पर ड्राफ्ट विस्तृत परियोजना रिपोर्ट

Draft Detailed Project Report on ‘e-Kranti’

Draft Detailed Project Report on ‘e-Kranti’

Posted on 5 Aug 2014 by webmaster

Draft Detailed Project Report on ‘e-Kranti’[PDF]3.32 MB

In order to upscale and ramp up eGovernance initiatives across the country, National eGovernance Plan 2.0 titled “e-Kranti” is formulated by DeitY with a focus on transforming eGovernance for transforming Governance.

The rationale behind the formulation of “e-Kranti” are

  • Enlarging the existing portfolio of Mission Mode Projects by adding new MMPs from uncovered domains like social sector schemes, legislature, women & child development, Financial Inclusion etc,
  • Leveraging emerging technologies like cloud and mobile,
  • Providing integrated services,
  • Adopting eGov standards to ensure interoperability amongst applications &
  • Harmonizing various core ICT infrastructure components namely SWAN, NKN, NOFN and Meghraj (GI Cloud) for optimum, efficient and on-demand provision of infrastructure.

The fundamental building blocks of e-Kranti are:

  • Core principles: ‘Transformation and not Translation’, ‘Integrated Services and not Individual Services’, ‘GPR to be mandatory in every MMP’, ‘Infrastructure on Demand’, ‘Cloud by Default’, ‘Mobile First’, ‘Fast Tracking Approvals’ and ‘Mandating Standards and Protocols’.
  • Institutions & instruments: establishing a ‘National e-Governance Academy’, creating an ‘e-Governance Knowledge Portal’, creating an ‘e-Governance Impact Index’ and ‘effective use of social media’.
  • Implementation & delivery models: ‘transforming the delivery channels’, ‘awareness and communication’, ‘introducing new business models’ and ‘emphasis on undertaking exports of eGov solutions / applications and international cooperation’.

A draft DPR has been prepared with details on the approach and key components of e-Kranti.

The comments and suggestions on the aforesaid DPR on e-Kranti may kindly be forwarded within next 2 weeks (i.e. by 15th August, 2014) to

Shri Trilok Chandra
Director, DeitY
e-Mail: trilok[dot]chandra[at]nic[dot]in

Shri Vinay Thakur
Director, National eGovernance Division
e-Mail: vinay[at]gov[dot]in