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Zigbee Modules: ZigBee modules are essentially transceiver modules that add wireless networking capabilities to electronic devices. They are used in remote monitoring machine-to-machine communications, automation systems in home and offices, fridges, wireless sensor networks along with other applications.

Zinc Finger: For Proteins to form a stable structure there is inter-working of hundreds of amino acids. On the other hand, there is a shortcut way for proteins to form a solid stable structure in all plants and animals.  This is done using Zinc atoms which acts as a magnet attracting certain type of amino acids. The resultant protein is known as Zinc Finger. In Zinc Fingers, 2 numbers Cysteines and Histidines are arranged close to each other in a chain. This arrangement makes it possible for a protein to grab a zinc ion and then fold tightly around it. Thus in the Zinc Fingers, a short chain of 20-30 amino acids is sufficient towards creating a solid, stable Protein structure.

The diagram shown here is of a typical C2H2 zinc-finger motif. The Cysteines (C) and Histidines (H) are shown in yellow and blue. They are paired and bind the zinc ion. The linker sequence (represented in green) with its consensus sequence in the amino acid code (single-lettered), joining the adjacent fingers.  This is evident in the lower part which depicts a typical structure of fingers in a C2H2 ZNF protein.