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Teraflop: A Teraflop measures computing performance. Teraflop typically defines a computer processor’s speed and refers to the number of floating point operations (FLOPS) it can perform per second. The speed is generally denoted as 1012 floating-point operations per second or trillion floating point operations per second. Teraflop computers find use in high-end research facilities and strategic applications.

Taxonomy: Taxonomy derives its meaning from Greek language. Taxis = arrangement or division, Nomos = law.  In the context of web portals, taxonomies are often prepared for providing a description to categories and subcategories of a website’s topics.

Tunnel Magnetoresistance: Tunnel Magnetoresistance abbreviated as TMR refers to the spin polarization (SP) of electrons occurring in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs)

Transceiver: A Transceiver is a device having transmission and reception capability in a single package. A most common illustration of Transceiver is a cellular phone that can both receive and send data. Transceiver has become the foundation for wireless communications devices.

Text to Speech System: Text to Speech System abbreviated as TTS is a technique to convert the words of the computer text into audible speech.  With a TTS engine application, email messages can be listened. TTS systems are especially proving a major boon to those who are visually challenged.

Testbed: A Testbed refers to the execution environment that enables software testing under normal working conditions. A test bed consists of OS, specific software/hardware, configuration of the product to be tested et al.

Terabyte: A Terabyte often shortened to TB with the prefix Tera meaning monster in Greek while byte is derived from bite. Terabyte measures a computer’s storage capacity. A Terabyte equals 1012 bytes.