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Enzymes: Enzymes are basically proteins acting as biocatalysts (facilitating chemical reactions) in living organisms. From cells, tissues to organs, bones nothing can work without enzymes. For example in our digestive system our guts would take a long time to digest the food without the enzymes, infact, in our body every single metabolic function is governed by the enzymes and we would not be living, without them.

Enterprise Resource Management: Enterprise Resource Management is a software tool for a systematic tracking of all that flows through a business. These include capital, manpower, inventory, time et al. ERM is considered crucial for the efficiency and productivity of any organization.

Ethernet: Ethernet is a standard communications protocol and is the most popular technology for building a local area network (LAN). The Ethernet Technology has traversed a long distance from 1980s when it was first deployed widely, to modern Gigabit Ethernet technology displaying peak performance speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Internet Protocol (IP) and other high level network protocols use Ethernet for their mode of transmission.