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Bandwidth: In the realm of computer networks, bandwidth refers to the capacity of data/information which can be carried through a channel (typically from website or server) in a given time interval. Bandwidth is thus a synonym for data transfer. As more information is carried through the channel greater is the use of bandwidth. So logically, a video would take up much more bandwidth than for example an e-mail. A bandwidth shortage is said to have occurred when at any point the demand to carry information exceeds the carrier or channel’s capacity.  A bandwidth is typically expressed in bits per second (bps).

Black Box:  A black box is a device which records the data typically in aircraft or ships and which can be retrieved in case of any eventuality.  However in software development a Black box assumes a different meaning. A Black Box is a testing technique where the tester does not have any knowledge of the intricacies of the program being tested. The tester may know about the input or the output but does not have any inkling of how the results are achieved. A Black Box component is a compiled program that cannot be altered as a programmer is able to access it only through an exposed interface.

Blast: In bioinformatics, Basic Local Alignment Search Tool or BLAST consists of a set of algorithms. BLAST is used to compare biological sequences like protein sequences or nucleotides. With BLAST a comparison of individual sequence can be done against a database of sequences and information obtained in case there is matching of sequences. Thus, BLAST can be applied for aligning two sequences and examining the resemblance between two or more sequences.

Biotechnology: Biotechnology is the application of developments in life sciences or use of microorganisms towards creation of commercial products aimed towards modifying human health or the environment. A very common example of biotechnology application in use since prehistoric times is the use of bacterial cells to make curds or yogurts.

Biometry: Biometry, or Biometrics, is a division of Biology that uses statistical applications for conducting the study of living things. Biometric tools are widely used in studying growth, biological similarities and differences, authentication of individuals based on his/ her behavioural and physiological characteristics.

Body Area Networks: Body Area Networks, BAN in short is an emerging field of technology that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and pathbreaking applications in sports, communications and security.  The technology leverages wireless communications protocols allowing low-powered sensors to intra-communicate and then transmit data to a local base station as well as to remote corners.  An example of BAN is placing of small flat sensors on or under the skin of patients so that doctors are able to monitor real time data, (the bio-signs) emanating from their patients.

Border Gateway Protocol: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Protocol addresses the issue of optimal routing path determination in modern networks. 
In today’s Transmission-Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks it is the BGP that performs inter-domain routing. BGP has replaced the now obsolete Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP), its predecessor, as the core gateway-routing protocol for use in the global Internet.

Broadband: A word that is tossed up every now and then when talking about Internet and Telecom is the Broadband. To download games, checking on your Twitter or Facebook profile or watch video all you need is internet broadband connection. A broadband channel is able to carry multiple signals. The overall capacity is divided into multiple, independent bandwidth channels with each channel operating on a specific frequency range. A broadband is also known as a high-speed internet service.

Browser: A Browser is an user agent or a Software that allows a user to search, access and interact with different types of information on the Web.