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eTaal Project is an Electronic Dashboard established by GoI for providing a real-time aggregated view of volume of eServices being delivered across different agencies of the central, state and local governments in India. eTaal dashboard displays the number of ‘end-to-end electronic transactions’ as the indicator for measuring the performance of G2C, G2B and B2C e-Services.

eTaal project is based on the principle: “You can MANAGE effectively what you can MEASURE”. The key objectives of the eTaal portal are as follows:

  • Layer providing consolidated view of eTransactions through eGovernance applications.
  • Perform analysis of eTransactions data received from various applications with drill down capabilities and performance comparison with other States.
  • Aggregate eTransactions from applications integrated automatically using Web Services technology.
  • Tabular and graphical analysis of eTransactions data.
  • Enable Ministry/Department/State/UT to have consolidated view of eTransaction statistics & visualize their utilization status.

For more details: https://etaal.gov.in/etaal2/auth/default.aspx