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Preference for Domestically Manufactured Electronic Goods(PMA)

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has notified the Policy for providing preference to domestically manufactured electronic products in Government procurement for its own use and not with a view to commercial resale or with a view to use in the production of goods for commercial sale on 23.12.2013.

The salient features of the Policy are as under:

  • The Policy is applicable to all Ministries/Departments (except Ministry of Defence) and their agencies for electronics product purchased for Government purposes and not with a view to commercial resale or with a view to use in goods for commercial sale.
  • This Policy would also be applicable for procurement of electronics products made under Centrally Sponsored Schemes and grants made by Central Government.
  • The Domestically Manufactured Electronic Products (DMEPs) are products manufactured by companies registered in India and engaged in Manufacture in India and including Contract Manufacturers, but excluding traders.
  • All companies registered in India engaged in manufacturing of electronic products in India and the sole selling agents/ authorised distributors/ authorised dealers/ authorised supply houses of the domestic manufacturers of electronic products are eligible for consideration under the Policy.
  • The electronic products to be notified under this Policy shall meet the graded domestic value-addition (25% in year 1 going upto 45% in year 5) in terms of Bill of Material (BOM) from domestic manufacturers. The domestic value addition by the domestic manufacturer shall be based on self-certification. The tender conditions need to ensure that domestically manufactured electronic products are encouraged and are not subject to restrictive mandatory requirement of prior experience. However, procuring Ministry/ Department/ Agency may incorporate such stipulations as may be considered necessary to satisfy themselves of the production capability and product quality of the domestic manufacturer.
  • The Policy is valid for 10 years from the date of notification i.e. 23.12.2013 and will be reviewed at regular intervals from time to time.

DeitY has also deployed an online portal to monitor the procurement reports of Ministries/ Departments and their Agencies for compliance with the policy.

Online Monitoring System

The products notified for providing preference under the Policy are as follows:

A) By Department of Electronics & Information Technology (vide Notification No. 33(3)/2013-IPHW dated 22.05.2014 and 01.10.2014)

  • Desktop PCs
  • Dot Matrix Printers
  • Tablet PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Contact Smart Cards and Contactless Smart CardsLED Products
  • Biometric Access Control/Authentication Devices
  • Biometric Finger Print Sensors
  • Biometric Iris Sensors

B) By Department of Telecommunications (vide Notification No. 18-07/2010-IP dated 05.10.2012)

Encryption/UTM patforms (TDM and lP) Core/ Edge/ Enterprise routers Managed Leased line Network equipment Ethernet Switches (L2 and L3), Hubs, etc.
IP based Soft Switches, Media gateways Wireless/ Wireline PABXs CPE (Including WiFi Access points and Routers, Media Converters),
2G/3G Modems, Leased - line Modems, etc.
Set - Top Boxes
SDH/ Carrier- Ethernet/ Packet Optical Transport equipments DWDM/CWDM systems GPON equipments Digital Cross- Connects/MUXs
Small size 2G/ 3G GSM based Base Station Systems LTE based broadband wireless access systems (eNodeB, EPC, etc.) Wi-Fi based broadband wireless access systems (Access Point, Aggregation Block, Core Block, etc.) Microwave Radio systems (IP/Hybrid)
Software Defined Radio, Cognitive Radio systems Repeaters (RF/RF- over- optical), IBS, and Distributed Antenna system Satellite based systems - Hubs, VSAT etc. Copper access systems (DSL/DSLAM)
Network Management systems Security and Surveillance communication systems(video and sensors based) Optical Fiber Cable  

DGS&D and NICSI, the two major procurement agencies of Government of India are expected to ensure compliance of the policy in their procurement. DGS&D has finalized procedure and put into effect.
The policy provides that all vendors would furnish an undertaking regarding their domestic value addition.
In case of a complaint STQC will be the agency to look into the domestic value addition.
A template has been developed by all Ministries/ Departments/ organizations under their control for insertion in their RFPs/ tenders so that due effect can be given to the policy with procuring the electronic items notified under the policy.
For any complaints /query, pleases send your queries to Mr. Mukul Kumar Yadav (email:mukul[dot]yadav[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in


Policy for providing preference to domestically manufactued electronic products in Government procurement, DeitY, December 2013
imageRevised Guidelines for providing Preference to Domestically Manufactured Electronic Products in Government Procurement, DeitY, November 2015[PDF]248.74 KB
Guidelines for implementation of PMA policy for providing preference to domestically manufactured Electronic Goods in Government procurement against DGS&D Rate Contract, February 2014
imageAmendment of Clause 7.5 of the Guidelines of the policy for providing preference to domestically manufactured electronic products in Government procurement
imageSole selling agents/authorised distributors/authorised dealers/authorised supply houses of domestic manufacturers are eligible to bid on behalf of domestic manufacturers[PDF]30.48 KB

Electronic/Telecom Products Notified

Value addition criterion for preference to domestically manufactured telecom products in Government procurement, MeitY, March 2017
Notification for Desktop PCs and Dot Matrix Printers , DeitY, May 2014 [PDF]1 MB
Notification for Tablet PC, DeitY, May 2014[PDF]739.54 KB
Notification for Laptop PC, DeitY, May 2014[PDF]809.58 KB
Notification for Smart Cards, DeitY, May 2014[PDF]819.69 KB
Notification for LED Products, DeitY, May 2014[PDF]696.99 KB
Notification for Biometric Access Control/ Authentication Devices, DeitY, October 2014[PDF]642.03 KB
Notification for Biometric Finger Print Sensors, DeitY, October 2014[PDF]597.43 KB
Notification for Biometric Iris Sensors, DeitY, October 2014[PDF]591.45 KB
23 Telecom Products Notified for Preference in Government Procurement, DoT, October 2012 [PDF]8.34 MB

Template for Tenders

Template for inclusion of the policy provision regarding preference to domestically manufactured electronic products in Government procurement in the procurement tenders by Ministries/Departments [PDF]133.85 KB