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Electronics Development Fund (EDF) policy

Electronics System Design & Manufacturing is a sector which is characterized by high velocity of technological change. Intellectual Property is possibly the most critical determinant of success, not only for the companies of this sector but also to the countries and economies as a whole. Setting up of EDF was one of the important strategies which would enable creating an electronics industry ecosystem in the country. Creating a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, Research and Development (R&D) with active industry involvement is essential for a thriving electronics industry. It is with this objective that an Electronics Development Fund (EDF) is set up as a “Fund of Funds” to participate in professionally managed “Daughter Funds” which provide risk capital to companies developing new technologies in the area of Electronics, Nano-electronics and Information Technology (IT). This fund is fostering R&D and innovation in these technology sectors. EDF enables creation of an ecosystem for providing risk capital to industry to undertake Research and Development in these technology areas. It is, in the process, enriching the intellectual property in the country and encouraging more entrepreneurs towards product and technology development. CANBANK Venture Capital Funds Ltd.(CVCFL) a subsidiary of Canara Bank, is the Fund Manager for EDF. For further details click here.

Following is the list of Daughter Funds being supported through EDF
Sr. No. Name of the Daughter Fund Total Targeted Corpus

(in Rs Crore)
Amount committed by EDF (in Rs Crore) No. of investments already made Investment Objectives Availability for Fresh Investments Contact Details
1 Endiya Seed Co-creation Fund logo-Endiya 150.00 30.00 12

Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 10 crore
To foster innovation and product development by investing in IP/ R&D/ product start-ups in the areas of technology (IoT, Fabless Semiconductors, Saas and IT), healthcare (digital health, medical devices, nanotech in pharma/ biotech) & consumer tech, focused on tackling India problems with a potential to scale globally. Closed for fresh investments in Startups. Mr. Sateesh Andra

Managing Director

Email: info[at]endiya[dot]com

Ph: +91 40 4646 4555

Web: www.endiya.com

96.15 24.00


Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 4.5 crore
To assist start-ups, early stage, SME’s and such other enterprises in Semiconductor Industry, allied and other related businesses, primarily in the State of Karnataka. Closed for fresh investments in Startups. Mr. A. Jaya Kumar

CEO, Karnataka Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd Email: jkumar[at]kitven[dot]com

Mr. B. Manish Kumar Ph: +91- 080 -22386836

Email: manish[at]kitven[dot]com

Web: www.kitven.com
3 Aaruha Technology Fund I

100.00 20.00 10

Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 1.8 crore
To focus on investments in early / seed stage investments in deep technology areas of ESDM, IT including VLSI, design/ Semicon, Information Security and services with emphasis on Innovation, Product development, IP Creation & disruptive technologies for social impact in India. Closed for fresh investments in Startups. Mr. B.V. Naidu.

Managing Partner

Email: bv[dot]naidu[at]startupxseed[dot]in


Ph: +91-80-49584842

Web: www.startupxseed.in
4 Unicorn India Venture Fund I

100.00 20.00 17

Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 3.4 crore
Few of the primary sectors which the Fund is focused includes the following:
  • SMAC (Social Media / Mobility / Analytics / Mobility/ Cloud) Mobility / Analytics / Mobility/ Cloud)
  • Nano Technology
  • IT
  • Internet of things
  • Financial Technology / Cyber


Almost completed its portfolio investments. However, fresh investments in 1-2 Startups are possible. Mr. Anil Joshi

Managing Partner

Email: anil[at]unicornivc[dot]com

Web: www.unicornivc.com

5 Yournest India VC Fund

300.00 60.00 7

Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 8.4 crore
The Fund’s investments will be made in the domain of Electronic System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM), Nano-electronics and Information Technology. Its portfolio companies may be involved in -
  • New product development
  • New and Innovative service offerings
  • Deployment of new technology
  • Innovation in the business model
  • Scalable Idea in an emerging sector
  • Disruption with automation
  • Driving R&D in electronics, IT & Nano- electronics across verticals
Available for fresh investments in Startups. Mr. Sunil K Goyal

Managing Director & Fund Manager

Email: Investor[dot]relations[at]yournest[dot]in

Web: www.yournest.in
6 PI Venture Fund I

130.00 15.00 11

Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 9.4 crore
To invest in early stage ventures with combination of the below listed sectors:
  • Electronics
  • Intellectual Property
  • Internet of things
  • Nano-tech

Information Technology

Available for fresh investments in Startups. Mr. Manish Singhal

Founding Partner

Email: manish[at]piventures[dot]in

Web: www.piventures.in

7 Ventureast Proactive Fund II

1000.00 100.00 12

Average Investment size in the Startups- Rs 25 crore
The fund will focus on investments in technology driven businesses including both hardware and software that address the needs of consumer, semi-urban/rural, MSMEs and enterprises.

The technologies relating to hardware will include IoT, Electronics, Enterprise Application, Innovations in energy efficiency.
Available for fresh investments in Startups. Mr. Srinivasan KA

Chief Financial Officer

Email: srinivasan[dot]ka[at]ventureast[dot]net Ph: +91 44 2432 9863/64

Web: www.ventureast.net
8 Exseed Electronics Fund

450.00 90.00 - The Fund will focus on investments in ESDM, Nano-electronics and IT sector. Raising funds from market. Yet to start investments in Startups. Mr. Mahesh Murthy

Managing Partner

Email: info[at]exseed[dot]com


As on 31.03.2020, EDF has invested Rs. 144 crore in seven Daughter Funds, which in turn have made investments of Rs. 604 crore in 80 Ventures/Startups. Total employment in supported Startups was around 10,000. The number of IPs created/acquired by the supported start-ups is 201.

For further details, please contact:


Shri K. Baskaran, MD, CVCFL, md[at]canbank[dot]vc, Fax: +91-80- 25583909

Shri Rachit Sharma, Assistant Vice President, CVCFL, rachit[at]canbank[dot]vc,

Ph: +91-80-25586506/6507


Shri Prashant Kumar, Scientist-‘E’ prashant[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in, Ph: +91-11-24301210