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E-Government Development Index (EGDI) under Global Indices

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) has been publishing the EGDI and survey report since 2001 biennially. Over the past ten editions it has established itself as both a leading benchmarking reference on e-government, and a policy tool for decision makers.

The Survey is the only global report that assesses the e-government development status of all United Nations Member States. The assessment measures e-government performance of countries relative to one another, as opposed to being an absolute measurement. It recognizes that each country should decide upon the level and extent of its e-government initiatives in keeping with its own national development priorities and achieving the SDGs. The Survey is intended mainly for policy makers, government officials, academia, civil society, private sector and other practitioners and experts in the areas of sustainable development, public administration, digital government, and ICTs for development.

EGDI serves as a benchmarking and development tool for countries to learn from each other, identify areas of strength and challenges in e-government and shape their policies and strategies in this area.

Mathematically, the E-Government Development Index (EGDI) is the weighted average of normalised scores on the three most important dimensions of e-Government, namely:

  • The Scope and quality of online services as online Service Index (OSI)
  • The Status of the development of telecommunication infrastructure or the Telecommunication Infrastructure Index (TII)
  • The inherent human capital or the Human Capital Index (HCI).

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is working as a nodal Ministry for Monitoring of E-Government Development Index and improving the ranking of the country.


Number of participating countries: 193

Year Rank EGDI Composite Score
2022 105th 0.5883
2020 100th 0.5964
2018 96th 0.5669
2016 107th 0.4637
2014 118th 0.3834

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