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Digital Economy & Digital Payment Division

Documents as per Chapter-II Section 4(b)

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Groups Wise/divisions Wise List of Personnel in Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Digital Payment Division
Serial Number Name Designation
1 Smt. Archna Dureja Scientiest G
2 Shri Rahul Gosain Director
3 Ms. Kavita Bhatia  Scientiest F
4 Shri Rajesh Suri Joint Director
5 Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Scientiest D
6 Shri Jatinder Singh Deputy Director
7 Shri. Mayank Scientiest D
8 Shri Jay Vardhan Tiwari Scientiest D
9 Shri Atif Faiz Khan Scientiest D
10 Shri Ajay Chandrakar Scientiest B
11 Shri Debjit Kar Scientiest B
12 Shri Laxman  Section Officer
13 Shri Mahinder Singh Sherawat Assistant Section Officer
14 Shri Gajender Prasad Beniwal Assistant Section Officer
15 Shri S. E. Rajan Senior Secretariat Assistant