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Digital India Corporation (DIC) (link is external)

Electronics Niketan ANNEXE, MeitY,
6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi, India-110003
Phone : +91-11-2433500/555/599 / 24360199/24301756
Website: www.dic.gov.in

Digital India Corporation is a not for profit Company set up by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India, under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013. Earlier the company was known as 'Media Lab Asia'. It has been renamed as 'Digital India Corporation' w.e.f. Sep 8, 2017.

Digital India Corporation (DIC) leads and guides in realizing the vision, objectives and goals of the Digital India program. It provides the strategic support to Ministries/Departments of Centre/States for carrying forward the mission of Digital India by way of Capacity Building for e-Governance projects, promoting best practices, encouraging Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), nurturing innovations and technologies in various domains. To ensure autonomy and viability of the organisation in the long run, DIC, will also collaborate and mobilise partnerships with the industry, to evolve revenue based models for service delivery.

To undertake these functions, Digital India Corporation attracts talent and resources both from Government and market. The judicious mix of talent will ensure that government is equipped with a broad spectrum of resources for successful design of Digital India related projects.

Digital India Corporation has the following broad responsibilities:

  • To provide leadership and support to Government of India through MeitY, to steer and anchor Digital India and all related policy and implementation initiatives. To promote digital transactions including digital payments through various mediums.
  • To support MeitY in all its initiatives with policy and implementation related issues concerning various ongoing programmes & schemes in ICT domain and new initiatives necessitated as a part of the Digital India vision.
  • To support Ministries/Departments, both at Centre as well as at States and other stakeholders in crafting progressive e-Governance strategies, to promote Accountability, Efficiency, Efficacy and Transparency.
  • To source and make available from both the markets as well as within Government, pool of specialized technically skilled manpower for hardware, software, networks, cyber security and laws, standards, quality and testing etc. in ICT domain to Ministries/Departments on charge basis under the Central and State Government.
  • To promote innovation and evolve models for empowerment of citizens through Digital initiatives and to promote participatory governance and citizen engagement across the Government through various platforms including social media.
  • To establish the National e-Governance Academy and to put in place an institutional mechanism for capacity building of Government and its agencies, including assessment and evolution of suitable training packages/modules for capacity building for the Centre and States for Human Capital formation to enhance competitiveness for successful implementation of various projects/schemes in ICT domain to cut on cost and time over run.

The Board of Digital India Corporation (then Media Lab Asia) under the chairmanship of Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Electronics & IT and Law & Justice, approved on 16th May 2017 the proposal for fully realigning the purpose and objectives in line with Digital India vision. The approval of the Board ensures that the Digital India Corporation with a complete restructuring of its administrative components, play the role of a leader in e-Governance space and take forward the projects and activities of Digital India and facilitate all stakeholders to realise its goals.

The Company encompasses 3 different divisions viz.:

Technology Development & Deployment Division (TDDD) - The vision of TDD Division is to bring the benefits of innovative solutions for socio-economic uplift at the grass root level of the society with mission to bring the benefits of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in certain focused areas viz. Healthcare, Livelihood Enhancement (Agriculture, Crafts, MSMEs) and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan). The Division works on the paradigm of collaborative research in its task of developing technologies and bringing them to the daily lives of people.

In past, the division has created a niche for itself in the area of taking the technologies from lab to land and “IT for Masses”. The division has strength & 17+ years of experience in understanding the needs of the field, conceptualization, project formation, development & deployment of technologies / products & services. Keeping the same in view, the projects undertaken by TDD division, are based on the grass-root requirements and relevant to its cause with the objective to empower citizens in general and gender, minorities, farmers, artisans, tribes, persons with disabilities (Divyangjan) etc. in particular through innovative ICT applications. The division has demonstrated decent capabilities in identifying the potential of certain technologies reasonably early. The technologies, developed by the division, have received a lot of recognition as evident from numerous National & International awards it has received.

In addition to its core activities, the Division is implementing 2 major programmes: Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) and Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme in Electronics and IT

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