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World Bank assisted projects

The Government of India received a loan from the World Bank towards programme management and financial support for projects and initiatives related e-Governance, for an amount of US$ 150 million (about Rs. 700 crore) in the year 2011. The loan is referred to as “India: e-Delivery of Public Services Development Policy Loan” and is envisaged to support NeGP’s countrywide plans of increasing online services for citizens in their locality, to improve the quality of basic governance in areas of concern to the common man.

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has issued detailed guidelines to support other Ministries/Departments as well as States/UTs in formulation, development and funding of suitable project proposals related to e-Governance. These guidelines provide a comprehensive framework including a detailed Project Report Template for submission of proposals based on indicative policy areas which are as below:

Policy Reform Areas:

  1. Policy for Institutional Strengthening of State Governments.
  2. Policy for Public Private Partnerships to improve service delivery.
  3. Policy on use of Open Standards to ensure interoperability and avoid vendor lock in.
  4. Policy for Inter-agency Coordination and Monitoring & Evaluation.
  5. Policies for access to citizen services through Mobile platform and increasing the pace of broadband penetration.
  6. Policy for mandating increased participation of users.
  7. Policy on service orientation for Government Processes and Officials.
  8. Electronic Service Delivery
  9. Policy on uniform and predictable verification of e service users.

Indicative Targets:

  1. Strengthening States Institutions
  2. Development of technical standards for e-Governance
  3. Improved inter-agency coordination and monitoring of e-governance
  4. Improving access to services by using the mobile platform while increasing the pace of internet penetration
  5. Facilitating increased participation of users in design and evaluation of e-governance projects
  6. Improving service orientation of government processes and officials
  7. Uniform and predictable verification of e-service users

Submission of DPR to MeitY

Detailed Project Proposals of projects relating to e-Governance are sought for consideration by this Ministry. MeitY would be happy to provide technical and financial assistance under above scheme. A brief outline of the World Bank Project together with an illustrative template of Detailed Project Report (DPR) is as follows: