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Vimarsh 2023 5G Hackathon

The "Vimarsh 2023 5G Hackathon" has been launched by MHA through BPR&D in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunication (DoT), New Delhi through Telecom Centers of Excellence India (TCOE) .On behalf of the DoT, Telecom Centre of Excellence (TCOE) India inviting eligible startups, academic institutions,R&D Institutions,PSUs and Collaboration to submit their applications online at https://vimarsh.tcoe.in/. The application period is open from Nov 1st, 2023  to Dec 9th, 2023. For more information, please refer to https://vimarsh.tcoe.in/.

This Hackathon will focus on addressing key issues and exploring innovative solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies based on users specific problem statements. The main goal of this Hackathon is to bring together experts, innovators, and stakeholders to drive progress in the field of Products/ Solution/ applications in the realm of law enforcement using 5G technology. These ideas will be transformed into practical and functional products and services.