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Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous ComputingOften referred to as the “Third Wave” in computing or “Third Paradigm” computing, Ubiquitous Computing or Ubicomp in short is a genre in computing that is altering the way we have used the computers and our computing experience.

To understand Ubicomp we have to trace the journey of Computers. First there were those big ‘boxes’- the main frame Computers. A single machine under common sharing by a lot of workforce, then it was personal Computer that overtook us. Desktop in a table with a person staring at the monitor became the most common sight. The Ubiquitous Computing is a whole new ballgame. Here the technology recedes to the background, computing is unobtrusive yet helpful in assisting the user in meeting the needs. It’s like using a Computer without sparing a thought about it that’s the specialty of Ubicomp. DIT’s Impetus behind the Ubiquitous Computing projects are primarily to facilitate capacity building in the UbiComp technology. The projects will enable developments in sensor networks, middleware, context-aware computing, Human-Computer-Interaction, sensor nodes and proof-of-concept application. C-DAC (Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore) is the main implementing agency for the programmme along with academic institutions such as IIM Kolkata, IISc Bangalore, IIT and Amrita University. The following projects are currently underway: