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Thrust Areas of the MeitY

Objective of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

  • To make India, a Global Information Technology Super Power and a front-runner in the age of Information revolution.
  • To bring the benefits of electronics to every walk of life and to develop the Indian electronics industry as a global player.

Vision Objectives

  • Creation of Wealth
  • Employment Generation
  • IT led Economic Growth

Thrust Areas of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

  • To facilitate and catalyze adoption of E-governance packages in the Central and State Governments, as the nodal agency for the implementation of the National E-Governance Action Plan.
  • Evolve and implement policy packages to propel growth of electronics and hardware manufacturing
  • Increase PC penetration in the country
  • Increase utilization of internet in the country
  • Growth of domestic software market
  • Development of local languages inInformation Technology
  • To encourage use of IT to increase productivity
  • To explore use of IT as a means of generating employment
  • In addition, the Ministry is implementing the following 10 Point Agenda :
    • Shall aim at achieving convergence of Information, Communication and Media Technologies. The Department focus would be on PC penetration and thereby bringing Cyber Connectivity to every citizen.
    • To bring about transparency in administration and make government functioning more citizen-centric, the Department would stress on expeditious implementation of the National E-governance Plan.
    • Broadband Connectivity: Providing broadband connectivity to all, at the most reasonable prices.
    • Next Generation Mobile Wireless Technologies: D evelop 4G technology for mobile telephony.
    • National Internet Exchange and Indian Domain Name: To promote for enabling reduced bandwidth cost and better security for internet traffic which originates in India and has destination in India .
    • Migration to New Internet Protocol IPv6: To provide policy framework and promotional measures in the country to enable network providers to migrate to IPv6.
    • Security & Digital Signature: To concentrate on Cyber Infrastructure Protection and to promote the use of Digital Signatures in the financial sector, judiciary and education.
    • Digital India Corporation .
    • Language Computing: To enable wide proliferation of ICT in Indian languages.
    • Outsourcing Skilled Manpower and R&D Thrust: To make India the world's hub for outsourcing skilled manpower in the IT sector.