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Thrust Areas

i. Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

  • Algorithms and applications, software and hardware realization, FPGA, VLSI, DSP, smart cards for security, protocol analyzers
  • Authentication and authorization techniques, role based access rights, Biometric identification / authentication systems, Trust models and technologies that do not rely on a previously determined trusted third party, in dynamic environment

ii. Network and Systems Security

  • Virtual Private Network Security solutions
  • Security of key internet protocols (Ipv4 to Ipv6), Domain Name System (DNS) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), routers, servers
  • Security of wireless devices, protocols and networks
  • OS Security and trusted OS
  • Automatic generation of test suites, safe programming languages
  • XML security

iii. Security Architectures

  • Survivable architectures and intrusion tolerant systems that allow for degradation of certain capabilities while ensuring that critical functionality remains available
  • Autonomic systems that can sense and reason about their internal components and state and recovery oriented computing
  • Self-evolving systems/ Self-strengthening systems that can monitor themselves and adapt to change
  • Secure and survivable storage systems

iv. Vulnerability and Assurance

Vulnerability Detection and Analysis

  • Source / Object code scanning tools, Device (hardware, firmware, communication media, storage media ) scanning tools, Host and network based scanners, system configuration checkers
  • Tools and techniques for modeling interdependencies and vulnerabilities in systems
  • Risk analysis tools

Assurance Technologies

  • Tools for efficient product evaluation and system level evaluation
  • Assurance tools for software security
  • Network Audit Tools

v. Monitoring, Surveillance and Forensics

Intrusion Detection

  • Virus scanning, malicious code detection
  • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (network and host based), distributed and intelligent proactive Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Intrusion detection for high speed networks

Content and Traffic Analysis

  • Cracking code/passwords /logs
  • Content filtering tools for Indian and other languages
  • Intelligence gathering tools
  • Intelligent traffic analysis
  • Steganography and steganalysis

Computer Forensics

  • Computer forensic tools for speech and imaging
  • Automated trace-back tools, Network forensics
  • Automated Recovery, damage assessment and asset restoration tools