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Terms and conditions governing the Grant in Aid

  • The grant is for the specific project as approved by DIT and shall be subject to the following conditions:
    • The grant amount shall be spent for the project within the specified time,
    • Any portion of the grant which is not ultimately required for expenditure for the approved purposes shall be duly surrendered to DIT.
  • The grantee institution shall maintain an audited record in the form of a register in the prescribed proforma for permanent, semi-permanent assets acquired solely or mainly out of DIT grant;
  • The assets referred to in (ii) above will be property of DIT and should not, without prior sanction of DIT, be disposed off or encumbered or utilised for the purposes other than those for which the grant has been sanctioned. An undertaking shall be given by the grantee institution that they agree to be governed by these conditions; iv) At the conclusion of the project, DIT will be free to sell or otherwise dispose of the assets which are the property of DIT and grantee institution shall render to DIT the necessary support for facilitating the sale of these assets;
  • The grantee institution shall send to the Department of Information Technology at the end of each financial year as well as at the time of seeking further instalments of the grant a list of assets referred to in (ii) above;
  • Should at any time grantee institution cease to exist, such assets etc., shall revert to DIT;
  • The grantee institution shall render progress-cum-achievement reports at interval of not exceeding six months on the progress made on all aspects of the project including expenditure incurred on various approved items during the period.
  • The grantee institution shall render an audited statement of accounts to DIT.
  • The audited statement of accounts relating to grants given during financial year together with the comments of the auditor regarding the observance of the conditions governing the grant should be forwarded to the Department of Information Technology within six months following the end of the relevant financial year;
  • The utilisation of grant for the intended purposes will be looked into by the Auditor of grantee institution according to the directives issued by the Government of India at the instance of the Comptroller and Auditor General and the specific mention about it will be made in the audit report;
  • DIT or its nominee/s will have the right of access to the books and accounts of the grantee institution for which a reasonable prior notice would be given;
  • The grantee institution should maintain separate audited account for the project. If it is found expedient to keep a part or whole of the grant in a bank account earning interest, the interest, thus earned should be reported to this Department. The interest so earned will be treated as a credit to the grantee to be adjusted towards future instalment of the grant;
  • Sale proceeds of components, prototype, pilot project etc. fabricated as a result of the development of the project arising directly from funds granted by Department of Information Technology. shall be regretted to DIT;
  • The know-how generated by the project, shall be property of DIT. Any receipt by way of sale of know-how transfer, royalties training etc., shall accure to DIT. DIT may, in its discretion, allow or direct a portion of such receipts to be retained by the grantee organisation.
  • DIT will have the right to call for drawings, specifications and other data necessary to enable the transfer of know-how to other parties and the grantee shall supply all the needed data at the request of DIT;
  • Application by grantee institution for any other financial assistance or receipt of grant/loan from any other Agency/Ministry/Department for this project should have the prior approval of Department of Information Technology.
  • The Grantee institution is not allowed to entrust the implementation of this project for which grant-in-aid is received to another institution and to divert the grant-in-aid received from Ministry of Information Technology as assistance to the later institution.
  • DIT shall appoint a Project Review and Steering Group (PRSG) comprising of representatives from DIT and other experts. PRSG will periodically monitor the project in all respects including technical and financial.
  • The Grantee institution will first make all efforts to protect intellectual property generated out of the project. The grantee institution will examine IPR protection issues in consultation with IPR Cell, DIT to file patents, register the copyrights etc. before making it public by publishing in the technical journals and books, presenting findings in Conferences etc.
  • The Intellectual property and the rights associated with it shall be assigned to DIT. In cases where the fundings have been done jointly with other organisations, the IP rights would be appropriately shared.
  • In case of any dispute on any matter, related to the project during the course of its implementation, the decision of Secretary, DIT, shall be final and binding on the institute.

A certificate of acceptance of terms and conditions as above needs to be given by the chief investigator/ endorsed by the head of the institute while submitting the project proposal.

For any further information and clarification,arora[at]mit[dot]gov[dot]in