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Division Name : General Administration Division

- N/A -


- N/A -

G-II (Security, Fire & Protocol)

- Nil -


To purchase the items from open market as per GFR 2005 following local purchase committees are constituted:-

  • Local purchase committee under Rule 145 of GFR 2005 consisting of One member and one substitute member.
  • Local purchase committee under Rule 146 of GFR 2005 to purchase Non-Technical and Technical Goods consisting of 3 members and 3 substitute members in each category of Non Technical and Technical category.

BM (Building Management and Engineering Section)


Division Name : Parliament

Parliamentary Committee for DIT viz. (i) Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on I.T. consists of 35 members and (ii) Consultative Committee for MCIT consist of 31 Members. The Minutes of these Committee are not made to the public as per directions of Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

Division Name : Raj Bhasha Division

1. Hindi Salahkar Samiti with representatives as at Col. (vii) above
2. Official Language Implementation Committee


Division Name : Office Automation Cell

- Not Applicable -