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Strategic Electronics Division (SED)

The niche segment of Strategic Electronics is characterised by expensive and sophisticated technologies and closely held information by few countries. Thus to remain in the forefront of Strategic Electronics Technology it is imperative to develop a solid foundation in R&D.

Requisite expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure to undertake research and development activities in this crucial sector at various R&D laboratories and institutions to cater to the strategic needs of this sector are created.

The focus of SED is on application of the technology for designing, developing and upgrading mission critical systems in both Defence and civilian domains.

Following are the thrust areas of Strategic Electronics Division (SED):

  • Electro-magnetic wave applications
  • High power RF/microwave technologies
  • Microwave & Millimeter wave Sensors & Systems
  • Terahertz (THz) wireless systems
  • Communications
  • Radar systems
  • Strategic Components
  • Security and Safety Systems

Several projects in the above areas have been initiated primarily for indigenisation of products and technologies, removing the bottlenecks in terms of non-availability of cutting edge technology and propel growth in this segment.

Some important projects implemented by the division are:

  • Development of Millimeter Wave Antennas, Kolkata
  • Establishment of Compact Antenna Test Range Facility (CATR) at SAMEER Kolkata
  • Establishment of Millimeter Wave Facility at SAMEER Kolkata
  • Design, Development and Installation of Stratosphere Troposphere (ST) RADAR at Gauhati University for North East Region – SAMEER Mumbai
  • Disaster Management system with communication links through Amateur Radio
  • Hazardous Object Removal System (Phase-2)
  • Development of broadband wireless communication system using terahertz technology - SAMEER-Mumbai
  • Smart Antenna for Broad band wireless Applications

Some new projects being initiated are:

  • Establishment of centre of high power microwave tube and component technology
  • Design of robust communication receiver based on OFDM in interference limited channels.
  • Development of Cognitive Radio for Strategic Applications
  • Development of Acoustic Gun shot detection system for Strategic Applications
  • E-monitoring of EM field radiation for environmental safety and regulatory compliance
  • Design & Implementation of "An Enhanced DoA Estimation System for Target Detection using WARP-USRP2 hardware