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Strategic Electronics Division Projects

Establishment of millimeter wave facility

The project aims at creating facilities for design and development of millimeter wave systems and sub-systems, wherein it shall be feasible to validate and test the design of millimeter wave systems.  The major systems of the facility have already been created at SAMEER, Kolkata.

Development of millimeter wave Antenna by SAMEER, Kolkata

Aim of this project is to develop a limited type of millimeter wave antennas that will find ready application and are useful for various airborne applications with narrow beam width as well as for radar applications.

Hazardous Object. Removal System Phase II by C-DAC, Trivandrum.

The objective is to develop the mobile pick up arm to remove potentially Hazardous Objects from the environment where it might cause harm to human.  This Project is an extension of the Phase I wherein the mobile vehicle that could be operated from a distance has been developed.

Design, Development and installation of Stratosphere Troposphere (ST) RADAR at Guwahati University for North East Region” by SAMEER Mumbai

The project has been initiated with the objective to study and monitor monsoon dynamics in the North-Eastern Region, which is very crucial for the sub continent. This will also provide large opportunities to universities to participate in atmospheric research using the state of the art high-tech equipment and hence train manpower in meteorology, space sciences and space applications.