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Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for Year (June 2005)

Ministry/Department of Information Technology
Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for the year (Year)

(Rupees in Crores)

Serial Number Head/Item Actuals upto (May 2005) COPY % Variation
Consolidated Fund of India      
Revenue Receipts      
Tax Revenue 1.13(Rupees in Crores) 1.28(Rupees in Crores) -0.12%
Non Tax Revenue 11.95(Rupees in Crores) 10.95(Rupees in Crores) 0.09%
Grants in Aid & Contributions 0.00 0.00 --
Capital Receipts      
Recovery of Loans 1.29(Rupees in Crores) 1.97(Rupees in Crores) -0.35%
Other Non Debt Capital receipts 0.00 0.00 --
Public Debt 0.00 0.00 --
Contingency Fund      
Public Account * 341.10(Rupees in Crores) 101.80(Rupees in Crores) 2.35%
A Total Receipts 355.47(Rupees in Crores) 116.00(Rupees in Crores) 2.06%
Consolidated Fund of India      
Revenue Expenditure      
Plan 127.13(Rupees in Crores) 43.93(Rupees in Crores) 1.89%
Non Plan 5.18(Rupees in Crores) 4.57(Rupees in Crores) 0.13%
Capital Expenditure      
Plan 0.74(Rupees in Crores) 3.82(Rupees in Crores) -0.81%
Non Plan 0.00 0.00 --
Loans & Advances      
Plan 0.00 0.00 --
Non Plan 0.28(Rupees in Crores) 0.05 4.60%
Contingency Fund      
Public Account * 174.52(Rupees in Crores) 44.90(Rupees in Crores) 2.89%
B Total Disbursements 307.85(Rupees in Crores) 97.27(Rupees in Crores) 2.16%
C Net Cash Flow (A - B) 47.62(Rupees in Crores) 18.73(Rupees in Crores) 1.54%

COPY- Corresponding figure for Previous Year

Instructions for preparation : * Figures for Public Account would exclude the following heads :
8670 Cheques and Bills 
8658 PSB Suspense 
8658 CAO Suspense 
8658 RB Deposits

The net effect of these heads should match with the "Net Cash Flow" as worked out in the format.