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Research & Development Activities of SAMEER

SAMEER is a premier R & D Laboratory dedicated to research, design and development in the field of RF and Microwave systems. SAMEER head quarter is located in IIT, Powai campus. The R & D activities at this center mainly emphasize RF / Microwave systems and applications. However, there is also interdisciplinary research initiative addressing broader spectrum of electronics areas like optoelectronics, Digital signal processing, Navigational aids, radars, atmospheric remote sensing systems and Linear accelerators for cancer therapy. Many of the R & D programs lead to systems, products and technologies which are directly usable in diverse applications.

R & D Activities

  • Linear Accelerator Technology
  • Atmospheric Radar and Instrumentation
  • RF/Microwave systems for R & D / Medical/Industrial applications
  • Millimeter wave Technology
  • Radar based Instrumentation
  • Communication Technology
  • Photonics & Terahertz Technology
  • Electromagnetics and Antenna
  • Millimeter wave (MMW) Technology Applications
  • Terahertz Technology
  • MMIC design and development
  • Meta-materials in Antennas and Circuit applications
  • Computational Electromagnetics, Shared aperture and conformal Antennas

EMI/EMC/EMP Facilities and Services

  • EMI/EMC/EMP & Calibration Services
  • Mechanical design and fabrication Workshop

For more details click here www.sameer.gov.in