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R&D in CC&BT

R&D in Convergence, Communications & Broadband Technologies and Strategic Electronics

R&D in Convergence Communications & Broadband Technologies (CC&BT)

Convergence, Communications & Broadband technologies (CC&BT) have been recognized as the key technologies for the growth and development. R&D in the next generation Communication and broadband technologies has been the engine for economic growth and infrastructure for promoting innovation. Research and Development of technologies in cutting edge technologies ensure that citizens can take full advantage of increasingly pervasive digital services across the plethora of existing and emerging use cases and verticals.

In order to support the digital eco-system, R&D initiatives in Convergence Communications, Broadband Technologies, Strategic Electronics is aimed to develop indigenous capability in the thrust areas like Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Communication technologies, 5G and beyond, next generation mobile technologies, Broadband Wireless Technologies, Green Communications, Quantum Communication, Vehicular Communication, Cyber Physical System, Artificial Intelligent enabled Communication, Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things for societal applications & disaster management, Machine-to-Machine Communication and Strategic Electronics with applications in both Civil and defence domains and innovative backhaul Communication Technologies.

The Technologies/solutions developed under this program spur the nation to the next wave of digital transformation. Activities in the R&D projects are focused towards creating IPs which leads to patents, designing innovative algorithms that will make up the product design and also in developing prototypes that can give a head start in developing Technological solutions/prototypes. The activities and outputs from these projects will contribute immensely to achieve the goals set for ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives of the Government of India.

R&D initiatives in Convergence Communications, Broadband Technologies and Strategic Electronics is aimed at developing indigenous capability in the thrust areas which include - Next Generation Communications & Convergence technologies ( Massive MIMO, Software Defined Radio(SDR), Software Defined Networks(SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Cognitive Radio, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks); Green Communication; Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things (IOT) & Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks; Convergence of wired/wireless networks and fixed mobile convergence; ICT applications in strategic sector; Broadband Wireless Access Technologies; Visible Light Communication (VLC), Vehicular ad-hoc Networks (VANET); IP based products/services; Electro-magnetic wave applications; High power RF/microwave tubes; Terahertz (THz) wireless systems; Radar Systems etc.