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R&D in CC&BT

R&D in Convergence Communications & Broadband Technologies (CC&BT)

Convergence Communications & Broadband technologies (CC&BT) have been recognized as the key technologies for economic growth and development. R&D in the next generation communication networks and broadband technologies has been the engine for economic growth and infrastructure for promoting innovation, research and development of technologies in cutting edge technologies for empowering people by providing them affordable and equitable access to knowledge and information. There is a need to create an eco-system ubiquitous connectivity for the masses which would provide services in all Government sectors.

The CC&BT programme is aimed at supporting and developing indigenous capability in R&D in Convergence Communication, Broadband Technologies and in Strategic Electronics. A number of academic institutions, industries, user organizations and research labs spread all over the country are beneficiaries of the programme.

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For Further Information:

Smt. Geeta Kathpalia
Scientist G and Group Coordinator
+91-11-24363128 (Office),
+91-11-26265884 (Residence),
Email: geeta[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in