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R & D in Information Technology

During the recent past, IT industry has emerged as a major contributor to the industry revenue as well as employment opportunity provider in the country. Though Indian IT industry has been driven by software development services in the beginning, the trend is changing. The country is becoming R&D hub of multinational IT companies. Several India-based multinational IT giants also have set up their R&D and innovation centres. The Government views R&D essential for implementation of the new initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India and Startup India and has launched new schemes in R&D such as IMPRINT, etc.

Department of Electronics & IT has been sponsoring R&D projects in various emerging areas of IT at various academic institutions and R&D centres established under the umbrella of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC). In order to support technology development in specific areas, from time to time, it has launched R&D Programmes such as TDC, TDIL, FOSS, HPC, ITRA, etc. Some of the technologies have been transferred to industry and have been commercialized. These R&D programmes have also contributed to development of complex IT solutions and competence building in the R&D centres.

Recently, the Department has launched National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) to build supercomputers within the country to meet our specific requirements of high-performance computing in the domains like weather forecasting, bioinformatics, etc. Some R&D Programmes in emerging areas like big data analytics, etc are under formulation. At present, R&D in IT Group is implementing R&D Programmes through the following Divisions:

The scientists in the Divisions work with R&D centres, academic institutions and user organizations to evolve R&D projects in the areas relevant to the Division. The project proposals evolved by the Division as well as those received directly from the R&D centres are examined by a Working Group (WG) consisting of distinguished experts taken from the R&D centres, academic institutions and industry. The project proposals are modified, if the WG finds it necessary. Based on the recommendations of the WG, the Department provides financial support for selected projects depending on the availability of funds, etc. In order to monitor the technical and financial progress of the individual projects, the Department constitutes Project Review and Steering Groups with the members who are experts in the domain.

R&D Society

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

In order to take up R&D works in the frontier areas of ICT, C-DAC was established in 1988 as a scientific society under the administrative purview of the Department. At present, C-DAC has 11 centres spread across the country with the headquarters at Pune. The centres are working in different technology areas such as high-performance computing, technology for Indian languages, e-security, health informatics, IT applications in agriculture, etc. HPC Division provides programme support to C-DAC.

For more details http://cdac.in/

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