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On-going Projects:

1. National Mission on Power Electronics Technology - Phase-III (NaMPET-III), at CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram.
NaMPET programme, through its earlier phases, has aided in translation of many research project to products through a strong network of the academics and industry with the Nodal Centre as the interface. NaMPET has also helped the Indian industries to absorb the technologies through Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) established at CDAC-T.

The technology developed so far which are ready for ToT and further commercialization may be seen at https://www.nampet.in/activities/technology-package.html

2. Development of Electric Vehicle Subsystems (EVSS-I) by C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram.

Under the programme, various projects for the indigenous development of Electric Vehicle Sub-System targeting to 2W/3W/4W/heavy Vehicle, as per Indian traffic and Environment condition, have been taken up in consortium approach involving Designer, Manufacturer and User.  The maximum duration of each project is of 24 months. Few technologies solutions for 2W/e-rickshaw has already been developed and ToTs were done for further commercialization.

3. National Programme on Electronics and ICT Applications in Agriculture and Environment (AgriEnIcs) by C-DAC, Kolkata

Development and deployment of various agri-electronics technology like Electronic platform to Monitor Cattle Health and Milk Quality, Electronic Quality Assessment Solution for Agricultural Commodities for National Agricultural Market (e-NAM), Vision guided AI enabled Robotic Apple Harvester, IoT Solution for Smart Poultry Farm practice, AI based Air Quality Monitoring System for Mine and Cement Industries are being undertaken in a consortium approach under the programme.

4. Collaborative Intelligent Transportation System Endeavour for Indian Cities – InTranSE Phase

5. Development of top-dressing automation technology for sustainable shrimp aquaculture

6. Tea Harvesting Unmanned Robotic Platform for NER (TULIP)