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Completed Projects:

  • National Resource Centre for Free & Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) by CDAC Chennai and AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai
  • Establishment of BOSS Support Centres & Business Development by CDAC Chennai
  • NRCFOSS Phase-II by CDAC (Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi), IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, AUKBC Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai
  • Trainers Training & Student Talent Transformation by CDAC (Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi)
  • Computer enabled Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) using Adaptive Learning Technologies by CDAC Mumbai & Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala.
  • Localization and Hardware Interfacing for Android / BOSS based devices by ICFOSS, Kerala, CDAC Chennai & CDAC Delhi
  • Foundation of Trusted and Scalable Last Mile Healthcare, Indo-US Joint R&D Project by IIT-Delhi, CDAC Chennai, Dartmouth College & Rice University, USA
  • Pervasive Sensing & Computing Technologies for Energy & Water Sustainability in Buildings, Indo-US joint R&D Project by IIIT-Delhi, CDAC Chennai & UCLA, USA
  • Designing a Smarter and Greener Electric Grid: A Sensor Data Driven Approach – Indo-US joint R&D Project by IIT-Mumbai, CDAC Mumbai & CDAC Thiruvananthapuram and UMASS, USA

Ongoing Projects:

  • Self-Aware Service Oriented Component based Operating System by IIT-Madras, CDAC Chennai, CDAC Hyderabad, CDAC Delhi
  • Bharati-Sim: An advanced Micro Architectural Simulator by IIT Delhi
  • Establishment of BOSS Support Centres & Business Development: Phase-II by CDAC Chennai
  • Framework for Healthcare Analytics by CDAC Chennai
  • Mission for Developing Digitally Inclusive and Smart Community (DISC) by CDAC Pune, CDAC Chennai, CDAC Mumbai, CDAC Mohali, CDAC Kolkata and CDAC Delhi
  • Development of IT Framework for verification of authenticity of medicines by CDAC Pune