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Photonics Development Division Projects


Construction and Multi-site commissioning of Multiple Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers FCS (A single molecule biophotonic tool) at TIFR, Mumbai
Evaluating the efficacy of Polarized Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a tool for early diagnosis of cancerous and pre-cancerous cervical lesions at IIT, Kanpur
Differential Reflectance Modulation Sensing for DNA Detection at IISc Bangalore

Optoelectronics Materials

Growth of dilute III-V-nitride materials for mid-infra-red opto-electronic devices, at Calcutta University

Fiber Lasers

Fabrication of rare-earth doped fibers for high power fiber lasers through nano-particle deposition at CGCRI, Kolkata
Tunable and multi-wavelength fiber laser for fiber optic applications at IIT, Bombay

Optoelectronics Materials and Other Opto electronics Devices

Development of Optical isolators and optical switches using Quantum Dot base Photonics glasses, C-MET Pune and University of Pune

Silicon Photonics

Development of Integrated Optic Single channel Add-Drop Multiplexer (SCADM) in SOI Platform for fiber optic communication system and its packaging at IIT Madras & SAMEER, Mumbai

Ultra Wideband Optical Sources

Developing Ultra Wideband Optical Sources from rare-earth codoped glass Waveguides-Fabrication and Characterization, IIT, Delhi

Photonics Sensors

Development of FBG Sensor System for detection and location of hot spots in electrical equipment at CSIO, Chandigarh and ERDA, Vadodara
Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing using inelastic processes in Optical Fiber, IIT (M), Chennai.
High temperature measurement using FBG, NIT, Warangal
Design and implementation of a high speed modal wave front sensor of light beams, IIT, Guwahati

Green Photonics

Fabrication Characterization of Blue OLED, NITK Surathkal.
Innovative light extraction technology for white OLEDs, IIT, Delhi, IIT, Roorkee & MBIL, Noida
Solid state lighting based on UV LEDs grown by  MBE, University of Calcutta

Building up a base for Photonic Manpower

Photonic Research Fellowship, TIFR Mumbai.