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Perception Engineering

Perception Engineering

Perception engineering as an emerging field which focuses on

  • Technology developments motivated by the models of perception and cognition of living biological 
  • systems including human-beings.
  • Technology development for analysis and understanding of the human perception and cognition processes.

This field is inter-disciplinary in nature requiring collaboration between engineering scientists, psychologists, neuro-biologists and medical professionals. Cross fertilization of ideas from different fields have the potential to lead to fundamental breakthroughs and innovations.


  • Research in the development of algorithms and architectures based upon the models of human perception in applicable areas leading to specific deliverables in:-
    • Perception driven Multimedia Conferencing System
    • Perceptual Robotics
    • Artificial Sensing
  • Research for development of tools, techniques and models of human perception and cognition.
  • Development of technically competent manpower in the area of Perception Engineering through conventional and continuing education programmes

Completed R&D Projects /Major Research Outputs
On Going R&D Projects under NPPE Phase II