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Open Technology Centre

Open Technology Centre was set up in March 2007 in Chennai, as a Division of National Informatics Centre, with funding from DEIT, MCIT.

The overall vision of OTC is to facilitate adoption of Open Technologies in e-Governance and strategic applications and services and also to offer various knowledge-based services & products effectively. It enables e-Governance services to reach vast majority of citizens effectively, even if they live in remote rural areas.

Open Technology Centre functions as a National Knowledge Facility to provide a “Synergy” to the overall components of Open Technology Initiatives such as Open Source Software, Open Standards, Open Hardware, Open Course-ware and Open Product Design that are being taken in various communities in Academics, Research & Development, Science & Technology, Industry and other organisations in India.

Some of the activities carried out by OTC:

  • Assisted in preparing National Policy on Open Standards for e-Governance
  • Coordinating preparation of e-Governance Standards in the areas of Technical Standards for IFEG, Digital Signature, Biometric, Meta Data & Data Standards, Indian Languages for Interoperability with the respective Expert Committees.
  • Supported NIC in use of Open source technologies and products in various e-Governance applications and services.
  • OTC had represented NIC and BIS in standardisation process of ISO-29500 related activities
  • Participated as Indian Representative in the meetings of UN/ CEFACT Trade standards
  • Conducted workshops on various Open Source software
  • Established a Help Desk facility for Open Source project teams.
  • Recommending and promoting the adoption of Open Source Software Stack
  • Provisioning support mechanism for Open Source Software Stack
  • Provisioned Collaborative-Infrastructure for adoption of Open Source Software