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Chief Vigilance Officer of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has got one vigilance unit under his control. Following functions are performed by the Vigilance Unit of this Ministry:-

  • Receipt & scrutiny of complaints of vigilance nature addressed to the Ministry. Forwarding vigilance complaints to the concerned administrative authority for disposal / action / comments.
  • Appointment of Chief Vigilance Officer's in organizations under the Department, approving nominations of officers of attached and subordinate offices as vigilance officer with the approval of competent authority.
  • Vigilance clearance in respect of Ministry's employees and employees of its attached and subordinate offices.
  • Referring cases to Chief Vigilance Commissioner requiring their advice/ reconsideration of advice.
  • Referring the cases to CBI for investigation and processing the reports received from them.
  • Conduct the investigation into the vigilance complaints with the approvals of Chief Vigilance Officer.
  • Sending of vigilance returns to Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Department of Personnel and Training etc.
  • Any matter relating to vigilance as may be specifically assigned, like scrutiny of property returns folders of the employees of Group 'A' & 'B' of the Ministry and its attached and subordinate offices.

The Vigilance Unit Endeavors to:

  • Minimize corruption and malpractice.
  • Institute preventive vigilance.
  • Help officers to take clean and effective decisions.
  • Help to prepare the best practice chart at all levels.
  • Bring about change in work culture and work ethics.
  • Create vigilance awareness.
  • Help to reduce multiplicity of decision making levels.
  • Help to develop transparency and minimize discretionary powers.