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National Knowledge Network


In March 2010 the CCI approved the establishment of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) at an outlay of Rs.5990 crore, to be implemented by NIC over a period of 10 years. The duration of NKN has been extended till 31st march 2021.


The Objective of the NKN is to inter-connect all knowledge institutions across the country through high speed data communication network to encourage sharing of resources and collaborative research. These would cover Institutions comprising of all Universities, Institutions of Higher Learning, and Research.

The salient features of the NKN are:

  • Establishing an ultra high-speed national information network for the country.
  • Connecting all major knowledge institutions (Universities & Research Institutions) for knowledge creation, collation and dissemination.
  • Enabling sectoral virtual networks in various application areas (Agriculture, Health, Education, E-governance and Grid Computing).
  • Link to Global Networks to collaborate with the research communities across the globe.

A high speed data communication network has been established to interconnect Institution of higher learning, and research. NKN is facilitating creation, acquisition, and sharing of knowledge resources among the large participating institutions; collaborative research; etc.

Current Status of NKN (as on 31st May, 2021) :

  • 1745 links to Institutions have been commissioned and made operational. This includes 389 links to institutions under NMEICT, which have been migrated to NKN.
  • 515 NKN links have been connected to NIC district centers across India.

Further details can be referred at: www.nkn.in