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Multiplier Grants Scheme

2) Multiplier Grant Scheme (MGS)

Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) is implementing Multiplier Grants Scheme (MGS). MGS aims to encourage collaborative R&D between industry and academics/ R&D institutions for development of products and packages. Under the scheme, if industry supports R&D for development of products that can be commercialized at institution level, then government will also provide financial support that is up to twice the amount provided by industry. The proposals for getting financial support under the scheme are to be submitted jointly by the industry and institutions.

The Scheme is extended upto 31st March 2020 with a total outlay of Rs. 36 Crores and DeitY contribution of Rs. 24 Crore. The Technology Development Council (TDC) budget head will be used for implementation of this scheme. Based on this pilot implementation and feedback, the scheme would be reviewed by Working Group.

The major objectives of the scheme are:

  • Establish, nurture and strengthen the linkages between the Industry and Institutes;
  • To promote industry oriented R&D at institutes;
  • Encourage and accelerate development of indigenous products and packages; and
  • Bridge the gap between R&D / Proof-of-concept and commercialization /
  • globalization.
  1. Details of Multiplier Grants Scheme (MGS)[PDF]192.25 KB
  2. On-going projects under Multiplier Grants Scheme (MGS)[PDF]226.85 KB
  3. Invitation of Project Proposals[PDF]81.57 KB
  4. Terms and Conditions Governing Grants[PDF]67.88 KB
  5. Application form for submission of joint R&D project proposal by the industry and academic/ Government R&D Lab under MGS[PDF]102.36 KB
  6. IPR/ Royalty Agreement[PDF]5.84 KB