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Miscellaneous Initiatives

e-learning multimedia courseware: Creation of Multimedia based courseware for E&IT students

To ensure a wider outreach of ICT-IPR among students a multimedia based courseware has been developed by IIT Kharagpur. The courseware consists of 3 credits with a state-of-art Learning management system. Consultation process is on for formulating a roadmap for its successful deployment.

DeitY and European Patent Office (EPO) Bilateral Cooperation

DeitY and European Patent Office (EPO) in an endeavour to further cooperation have signed a work plan 2015-2017 subsequent to the successful implementation of the Work Plan 2013-15. The work plan aims to share the best practices in ICT-related patenting especially for computer implemented inventions (CII) between Europe and India through exchanges, training programmes and workshops.

       Salient features of the work plan include the following:

  • To raise mutual awareness and foster closer collaboration in the field of patents related to Information and Communication Technology and Electronics (ICTE) between the EPO, including its Member States, and DeitY
  • To share best practices in patenting of Computer Implemented Inventions
  • To collate and disseminate patent information as a vital tool for innovation and IPR commercialization
  • To build capacity for patent filing in the field of ICTE in India and EPO member states

       Some of the activities under the work plan include the following:

  • Three international conferences exploring the various nuances of Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) and ICT-IPR ecosystem vis-à-vis India and Europe were held successfully. Two of these conferences were held at New Delhi and Bengaluru, India (on 22.11.2013 and 21.112015 respectively) and one at Munich Germany (on 07.11.2014). The conferences had participation from government agencies, leading IPR experts, IPR attorney firms from India and Europe and were also well attended by industry, academia, IPR attorneys and media.
  • On the sidelines of the conferences three training workshops were held, two at New Delhi, India and one at Munich, Germany prior to the conference for improving prior art search capabilities of Indian professionals specifically in the area of Computer Related Inventions.
  • Further, EPO shared their Global Patent Index (GPI), a search tool for professionals incorporating 90 million granted and filed patents data. This comprehensive tool is being successfully used by C-DAC -providing more than 250 prior art search opinions to innovator communities in India.