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Major Research Output

Following products, tools and technologies have been brought out through FOSS initiatives. These have been deployed across India in various organizations, departments and applications:-

BOSS GNU/ Linux – an Indian Desktop Distro (http://bosslinux.in)

BOSS consists of desktop environment coupled with Indian language support and other packages that are relevant for Indian users and government domain. Latest BOSS versin 6.0 is available in DVD format with Install, Live and Utility options. Currently BOSS Desktop Support 18 Indian Languages: Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Gujarat, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri,Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu & Urdu.

BOSS Server - BOSS Advanced Server is a server variant of BOSS GNU/Linux bundled with web server, proxy server, database server, mail server, network server, file server, SMS server & LDAP server as well supporting both Intel & AMD x86-64 architectures. Latest version is BOSS Advanced Server 2.0.

EduBOSS GNU/Linux - Educational variant of BOSS Linux is a full-featured, user-friendly Linux operating system, has educational applications that are useful for schools (primary and higher levels). Adapted from BOSS GNU/Linux, it features graphical installer, office application suite, onscreen, keyboard, Smart Common Input Method, web browser, educational games, paint & graphic tools, typing tutor, screen reader, text to speech application and a host of tools and packages for learning, and also for teaching. EduBOSS comes in a single DVD easily installable on a desktop. It also contains utility with add-on-applications. Latest version is EduBOSS 3.1 and can be downloaded from web site http://bosslinux.in

BOSS MOOL - BOSS MOOL (Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux) aims at redesigning the Linux kernel to reduce coupling & increase maintainability by means of OO (Object Oriented) abstractions.

ALViCAccessible Linux for Visually Challenged (ALViC) is a software based assistive technologies / solutions developed for differently-abled people. The main aim is to make computer usage easier & affordable that will empower differently abled people to use ICT services efficiently.

Anumaan – An open source on-screen predictive text entry system to aid people with motor disabilities. It has been integrated with Linux desktop and also available as a standalone tool. Anumaan provides an easy to use interface for incorporating predictions in text.

GEM - GEM (GEstures with Mouse) is a mouse gesture-based input mechanism which uses gestures as input to the system. Gestures can be drawn using a mouse or some equivalent device like touch pad, joystick, pen tablet etc. This Input mechanism is intended for people suffering with different kinds of motor disabilities, who may face problems in using mouse and keyboard in conventional way. Hence, it provides them with an alternate and effective mechanism for using the system to perform various tasks such as navigation, executing commands & keyboard shortcuts, and launching applications etc. on Linux desktop.

Meghdoot Cloud - An indigenously developed open cloud suite using free & open source softwares for setting up cloud computing environment to offer cloud services.

ILMSIntegrated Library Management System (ILMS) is an advanced & cost effective open source automation solution for Public, Academic and Digital Video Libraries with comprehensive functionality successfully integrating Koha & D-Space.

e-Basta Portal – School Books to e-Books – A framework to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books to be read and used on tablets and laptops. e-Basta Portal brings various publishers (free as well as commercial) and schools together on one platform. (www.ebasta.in)

e-Basta Portal (http://www.ebasta.in) enables (i) publishers to upload the electronic content with relevant data, (ii) schools to search and collate e-content into e-Basta and (iii) students to download e-Basta contents (free as well as paid content) for use through an App on their tablet /PC. Currently over 600 books have been published on the portal by CBSE, State Boards and Private Publishers. Around 2500 books’ information has been provided for the e-Basta portal, which are in various stages of getting uploaded/ published on portal. 15 private publishers have registered on the portal so far. eBasta App is available for download from Google Play Store and Mobile Seva App store. Google Analytics has been incorporated in eBasta Portal as well as eBasta App.