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Major Research Output

Output of projects supported by HPC division

High Performance Computing

  • Total compute capacity of 24 PF (Peta-Flops) has been created with 18 supercomputing systems across educational and research institutions, including a National AI facility at CDAC Pune. Another 40 PF compute capacity across 9 institutes will be deployed with indigenously designed RUDRA Server node. The total capacity of 64+ PF would be serving 100+ institutes across the nation.
  • The supercomputing basic building blocks (Rudra- Compute node based on Intel processors, Trinetra- interconnect switch, System software stack) have been indigenously developed with demonstration of Rudra cluster by C-DAC. Development of indigenous HPC processor based on Arm architecture has been initiated. An indigenous pilot cluster of 1PF will be built based on Indian processor by 2024.
  • Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Feb 19, 2019 inaugurated ‘Param Shivay’ Supercomputer of 833 teraflop capacity under the National Super Computing Mission at IIT-BHU.