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Major Research Output

Output of C-DAC projects supported by HPC division

High Performance Computing

  • PARAM Yuva, a 54 Teraflop supercomputer launched in 2008. PARAM Yuva was upgraded to PARAM Yuva II with a peak compute power of 529.4 Teraflops and it was ranked 69th in the June 2013 edition of Top500 list of supercomputers. It was ranked 44th in the world in the Green500 list of supercomputers.
  • Grid Garuda National Infrastructure: Developed the nationwide computational grid called Garuda. It is a national grid infrastructure of HPC systems connecting more than 65 academic and research institutions across the country over National Knowledge Network (NKN). Grid Garuda is composed of heterogeneous processing nodes interconnected with multiple levels of networks. It seamlessly interconnects several HPC systems, storage resources, a variety of I/O devices, and instruments and sensors to support grid-enabled applications.
  • The latest HPC System, PARAM Shavak, was launched by Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Honourable   Minister for Communications and IT, Government of India, on December 25, 2014. PARAM Shavak is a ready-to-use and affordable supercomputer in a box solution pre-loaded with scientific and engineering applications, along with development and resource management tools.