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Major Research Output

1. Cervical cancer is one of the few types of cancers that can be detected, treated, and cured before progressing to invasive cancer. Under the MeitY funded project CDAC, Trivandrum has developed a “Product Suite for Efficient Screening of Cervical Cancer (CerviSCAN)”. CerviSCAN system automates manual operations followed in traditional cytology such as smear preparation, staining and diagnosis under the microscope by adopting robotic lab automation techniques. Moreover, AI assisted cloud-based interface provided by CerviSCAN improves efficiency and accessibility of cytology services in comparison with traditional cytology. Fully deployable prototype model available which had deployed in 4 apex cancer institutes of the country which are ICMR-National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (Noida) Regional Cancer Centre (Thiruvananthapuram), Dr. Bhubaneswar Borooah Cancer Institute (Guwahati) and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Centre (Agartala) and undergone validation on over 10,000 cervical smears.

CerviSCAN Products

  • DigiSmearAS20x- AI powered Slide Digitizer
  • Digital Cytology Framework - Smart Pathologist Workflow
  • AI-PAP - AI Assisted PAP smear analysis system
  • Rotostainer-Robotic system for Slide staining
  • KytoSpin - Mega Funnel Centrifuge
  • KytoFunnel- Funnel for Specimen Preparation
  • KytoClip - Clip to bind KytoFunnel & Glass slide

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in the process of “Expression of Interest” (EOI) from interested companies for product/license procurement and to, market and sell “Product Suite for Efficient Screening of Cervical Cancer (CerviSCAN)” on a nonexclusive basis. This document gives details about the product and also the terms and conditions for companies to propose their Expression of Interest. The EoI is available at https://www.cdac.in/index.aspx?id=lu_CerviSCAN_EoI .

2. INDIAN MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING MISSION has been initiated by Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), Govt. of India for the development of Indian MRI for the people of our country. SAMEER along with its consortium partners has developed various sub modules of the machines which includes RF Coils, High Power RF Amplifier, FPGA based Spectrometer, Pulse sequence generator module, GUI consisting of Image Reconstruction module and Image visualization module. The 1.5 T Superconducting magnet is in the stage of fabrication and likely to be ready in next 12 months. Meanwhile, SAMEER has procured 1.5T Super-conducting Magnet with Gradient Coil and successfully integrated all the subsystems developed by SAMEER & CDAC. The images of phantoms and vegetables & fruits have been acquired from the system and demonstrated to the expert committee. After completion of the integration, the animal and human trials have been planned.

SAMEER along with its collaborators is planning to engage Indian Industries to develop engineering model of various subsystems as well as 1.5T MRI and create eco-system for manufacturing of MRI to meet the needs of our country as well as create export market for the same

3. Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), Govt. of India had sponsored the project of indigenous development of Color Doppler Ultrasound scanner with PNDT Compliance. NIELIT Calicut has developed various subsystems and lab model prototype of the machine with Prenatal Diagnostic Technique (PNDT) Compliance. NIELIT Calicut has signed the Transfer of Technology agreement with Jupiter Design Technologies, Bangalore for commercialization of indigenous technologies developed under the MeitY funded project.

4. Center of Excellence in Tactical Graphics (CoE-TG) at IIT Delhi in December 2014 with the mission to develop processes including software tools for cost effective and affordable design and production of Tactile Graphics images for the visually impaired community. The Centre of Excellence will help in creating national expertise in tactile graphics production as well as R&D support for the same. IIT Delhi has developed a complete process for producing affordable, yet very high quality tactile diagrams using a combination of 3-D printing and thermoforming.

To further scale up the work and expand capabilities to cater to this immense unmet need, A a non-profit company, Raised Lines Foundation (RLF), incubated in March 2018. The tactile books are available in the market. Today, accessible books with tactile diagrams are available for various age groups from Primary to Senior secondary, covering topics and subjects like basic language learning books, activity books, concept-based books, Geography, Economics, Computers, Mathematics and Science. NCERT curriculum books from Class 6th to Class 10th are also made completely accessible.

In addition, RLF has also developed various teaching-learning materials for facilitating teachers of students with visual impairment like Geometry kits, tactile playing blocks etc. RLF has produced 20000+ books and provided them to 6500+ beneficiaries across 30 cities in India. RLF is closely working with 30+ schools across India under Touch Learn and Shine program to ensure effective utilisation of these aids. The direct beneficiaries of the developed technology are students with blindness and low-vision, parents of these students, special educators and teachers.

5. Facility for Batch Fabrication of Linac Tubes at SAMEER, Khargar Campus Navi Mumbai. This facility will be utilized for Batch fabrication of the Linac Tubes and Linac Machines through industrial partner through the EOI process and for ongoing and future industrial LINAC system.

6. Wearable device and 3D analysis software system for early detection of breast cancer has developed by C-MET, Thrissur. This is a simple and affordable wearable device for early detection and screening of breast cancer. A woman has to wear the vest for 15 to 30 minutes and this will not inflict any pain. There is no radiation exposure and the device is portable, hence suitable for rural India.

Technology for Early Detection and Screening of Breast Cancer received National Award on Outstanding Efforts for Women’s Development through Application of Science and Technology (DST, 2018) and "Nari Shakti Puraskar" (Women Power Award) by President of India in Rastrapati Bhavan in March 2019. The technology has been transferred to M/s Murata Pvt. Ltd.

7. Deployment of indigenously developed 6 MV Medical Linear Accelerator for cancer treatment: During the first phase of the Jai Vigyan Mission project for deployment of Linear Accelerator machines, two machines (Siddhartha 1 & 2) were developed and commissioned- one at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), Wardha and the other at the Cancer Institute Adyar for treatment of cancer patients. More than 1,50,000 patient exposures have been done for cancer treatment using these machines. During the second phase of this activity, it is envisaged to deploy four 6 MV medical Linear Accelerator (LINAC) machines for cancer treatment in four hospitals. The 1st machine Deployed at Indian Institute of Head and Neck Oncology, Indore (IIHNO), Indore. Till date 22,432 no. of patients was treated with 53,553 no. of exposures delivered. The 2nd machine deployed at Amrawati Till date 13972 no. of patients were treated with 30010 no. of exposures delivered. The 3rd machine has been commissioned in Oct 2020 at Chiplun Cancer Hospital and deployment of 4th machine at WIC, Adyar, Chennai is under commissioning as per AERB norms.

8. Deployment of Personal Health Record Management System (PHRMS) on National Health Portal of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is Aadhar enabled cloud-based application which has been designed after taking inputs from industry experts, medical practitioners and researchers in the health informatics domain. It can store Personal Health record of Individual. User can store reports, diagnostics which are accessible by individual/doctor for online consultation and prescription

9. Microwave Hospital Disinfectant System was sponsored by MeitY with the objective to design and fabricate a microwave incin8erator system to demonstrate the technology for disinfecting microbiological and infectious waste from hospital or laboratories using

microwave technology without causing environmental pollution. The technology for Microwave Disinfectant System has been transferred to M/s S S Medical System, Lucknow and M/s Digital Systems, Mumbai for manufacturing.

Copyrights/Patents filed:(https://www.meity.gov.in/content/major-research-output)

  • Closed Loop Anesthesia Delivery System (CLADS) Patented in US, Europe and India.
  • Medical Image Analyzer for Cervical Cancer (CerviScan) Patent applied in India.
  • Biometric Signal Analyzer for seizure prediction by analysis of EEG signals” and "A Novel Biomedical Signal Analyzer for Seizure Prediction system using Overlapped windowing and Multiclass post processing.
  • Design and Development of Leukoanalyzer: An Automated Computer Assisted Tool for MRD in B-Lineage Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia using Image Processing Techniques.
  • Handheld Instrument for Prediction of Metabolic Disorder through Characterization of Human Exhaled Breath.
  • Copyright titled “Dia-Sol” (System Software of Intelligent Diabetes Olfactory Device) has been submitted for filing.
  • Method and system for predicting location and depth of abnormal tissue in breast of subject.
  • Patent for “Methods and Apparatus for Computer-Aided Detection System for Lung Nodules in CT Images" (under process).