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Major Project Output

Tools developed and hosted at CDAC, Pune web portal as free wave for wide usage.

  • Software Tools/Databases developed and hosted at CDAC portal for free usage by Bioinformatics community: 20 nos. Software Tools/Databases developed to aid in Drug discovery, Crop improvement in areas such as Bio sequence Visualization, Agri- Bioinformatics, etc. and have resulted in:
  • Functional Annotation using Similarity Search’ (FASS) an innovative method for protein function prediction developed by CDAC was rated 8th across the globe by (CAFA)
  • Startups as spin-off of projects:
    • LeadInvent at IIT Delhi
    • Novo Informatics – IIT Delhi
    • Surya Kiran – Kerala University
  • Copyrights/Publications:
    • 5 copyrights,
    • 60 scientific publications