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Major Project Output

1. DIGITĀLAYA: Electronic Records Management and Archival System

Developed an Electronic Records Management and Archival System named DIGITĀLAYA for the preservation of word processing documents, postscript documents, spread sheets, e-mails, images, scanned documents, presentations, text and xml documents in wide variety of file formats. DIGITĀLAYA provides a searchable database of record retention schedules and archival strategies as per the file format and preservation duration. It demonstrates the model implementation of e-GOV-PID Preservation Metadata Standard that is notified by DeitY. This system complies with the requirements specified in ISO standards related to records management, archival and digital repository audit.

2. DATĀNTAR: e-Records Capturing Tool

Developed an e-Records Capturing Tool named DATĀNTAR for automatic extraction of preservation metadata in compliance with eGOV-PID Preservation Metadata Standard and for capturing the electronic records stored in the database of an e-governance system. It allows the user to connect with e-gov database, upload and map e-record schemas with database, map preservation metadata as per eGOV-PID standard, schedule capture of e-records, schedule transfer of e-records for digital preservation using the Open Archival Information System (OAIS), capture migration history and maintenance of batch logs. DATĀNTAR has been deployed for extracting the registered documents stored in the database of Computer Aided Administration of Registration Departments (CARD), Hyderabad. In this pilot implementation around 25 Lakh documents with preservation metadata have been successfully captured for preservation.

3. e-RUPANTAR: Pre-archival Processing Tool

The pre-archival processing tool called e-RUPĀNTAR is developed in order to help in getting the reformatted digital records in acceptable form as per the best practices. This software provides a set of best practices such as policy based and batch assignment of Unique Record Identifiers, batch cropping, image watermarking, text extraction, structural tagging, and creation of Submission Information Packages (SIPs) for Open Archival Information System. It also provides user management and registry of URIs.

4. e-SANGRAHAN: e-Acquisition Tool

An e-acquisition tool called e-SANGRAHAN has been developed, which receives digital data in storage media like DVD, flash drives, tapes, automatically extracts the list of contents received and sends acknowledgement report in PDF format through e-mail. It maintains a register of storage media with webcam photos, automatically extracted volume names, data size, file count, serial number, make details, etc.

5. Pilot Digital Repositories

Developed pilot digital repositories equipped with digital preservation infrastructure for various domain intuitions like Stamps & Registration Department, Andhra Pradesh; National Archives of India, New Delhi; and Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi. It includes various software tools such as pre-archival processing tool, open archival information system, digital repository portal, e-records capturing tool along with storage, backup and server hardware. The digital archival and technical processes are designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 16363 Audit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories.

6. e-Goshwara: e-Court Solution

C-DAC is engaged in developing a set of standards, tools and technologies for digital preservation of records pertaining to disposed cases of Indian Judiciary. This is necessary for compliance with the ISO 14721 - Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model and ISO 16363 - Audit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories for e-records. Technology development and pilot implementation of e-Goshwara for Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and District Courts of Delhi have been completed. E-Committee – Supreme Court of India has included the same in e-Court Phase II policy for national rollout.