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List of Ongoing Projects

List of Projects

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Project Name

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Total Outlay (Rs. in Lakhs)



1. Development of Integer Based Homomorphic Encryption Techniques for Data Privacy and Auditing in Cloud Computing Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUHCEH) 48.48 Explore Homomorphic Encryption Schemes to develop new Integer Based Homomorphic Encryption Techniques suitable for performing operations of encryption data in an efficient manner.

Apply and test the developed techniques in cloud computing



2. Capacity building in WSN Security and Training in J&K State





52.74 Development of improved authentication protocols for WSN applications.

Development of training curriculum, training material on WSN security.

Conduct short-term training program in modular fashion on WSN security, for students of technical institution, research scholars and teachers

3. Creating mass cyber security awareness among school children college student and public through appropriate training and campaign mechanism in North Eastern states of Mizoram Nagaland NIELIT


228.14 To partner with schools, colleges and Universities to developed and distribute materials in local languages to students with a view to raise awareness of appropriate cyber security behavior while using computers and internet. To provide cyber security and ethics curriculum and explore opportunities for introducing awareness contents as part of the courses. To conduct faculty training programs for schools and colleges. Setting up cyber security web portal and implementing help line through portal. To organize cyber security awareness articles and advertisements in newspapers and magazines of the Northeast. To develop and distribute audio and video CD on cyber security. Completed


4. Proposal for “Cybercrrime Awarness Workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies” (LEA) – Phase -II Data Security Council of India (DSCI) New Delhi


29.98 Provide awareness to public prosecutors, Judiciary, Adjudicating officers and Fraud/Vigilant officers of User Companies of banks, Telecom, etc. Completed
5. Analyzing and Measuring Trustworthiness of User-Gernated Content and Userson Multiple Online Social Media to Counter cybercrime IIIT Delhi


75.00 (i) Use machine learning techniques to analyze and measure trustworthiness of contents generated and user profiles on multiple online social media(Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Youtube) (ii) Develop a framework to collect data from Twitter,Facebook,Google+, and Youtube and merge the data together from these source to carry out analysis and correlations for crime analytics on events of importance. Completed


6. Development of Three-Demension Face recognition Techniques based on range image. Jadavpur University, Kolkata


66.21 (a) Study and investigation different preprocessing techniques and investigation algorithms for 3D face images, (b) Investigate the applicability of different existing classification techniques for human face recognition of 3D face images, (c) Development of new algorithms based on range images for recognition of 3D face images and demonstration of a prototype system for human face recognition using those algorithms and (d) Creation of range images (3D) of approximately 200 persons (60 images per person) with variations across pose, illumination, expression, occlusion, and disguise. Ongoing
7. Design and Development of system for Detecting Digitized Document frauds IIIT-Delhi


81.12 Design and develop the system for Detecting Digitized Document Frauds (DDF) in forensic context. Completed
8. Design & Implementation of a secure communication system for reduced complexity by National Institute of Technology, Calicut . NIT-Calicut


38.88 Design and develop a secure communication system which can provide cryptographic services of key exchange, data integrity verification and data confidentiality with low hardware complexity and power consumption. Completed
9. Development of Network Traffic Classification Based Approach for Detection Gauhati University


60.82 Develop a network traffic classification based approach to detect botent. It will involve (i)analysis of network traffic and identification of sets of nodes that are potential botnet using a graph based approach. (ii) Detection of sets of nodes that make up botent using mining based network traffic classification techniques. Completed
10. Multi-Model Broadcast Analytics-Structured Evidence Visualization for Events of security concern


IIT Guwahati, Assam


139.51 Development of Integrated Multi-Modal Broadcast Analytics System comprising (a) Multi-modal content analysis of news websites and television news channel broadcast by text mining, video analytics and (available)speech/audio-video segments related to events of security concern (b) Design of an ontologically motivated and structured representation of event Knowledge base to index multi-modal evidences (text/audio/video) and (c) Development of a Knowledge base interfacing system for structured evidence visualization and alerting. Ongoing
11. Implementation and Analysis of a quantum key distribution protocol for network security Assam University-Silchar.


32.616 (a) Implementation and analysis through simulation of existing QKD protocol (BBM92 protocol) and study its feasibility to use in practical environment (b) Study of practical security concern of eavesdropper attack to the protocol Completed
12. Establishment of Cyber security and forensic Training facility for technical teacher training NITTTR Chandigarh


45.65 (a) Organizing the training and awareness programmes for the technical teachers, (b) organizing practical workshop for technical staff of polytechnics and engineering colleges and (c) establishing cyber and forensic facility for training purpose. Completed
13. Design and Development of Digital forensic tools for clouds laas BITS Pilani -Hyderabad Campus. 54.96 Develop a tool perform acquisition and analysis of digital forensic evidence from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing environment. Ongoing
14. To deliver the information security assurance framework with implementation and assessment aids for users implementing e-governance projects MDI, Gurgaon 51.95 To deliver the information security assurance framework with implementation and assessment aids for users implanting e-Governance projects.Specically, the scope of assignment will include the following: (a) Standardize and automate criteria for categorization of assets incl. information and information systems according to the risk level and recommend security controls and assurance requirements for different category of information systems in line with the requirements of e-Gov, (b) Test the framework in 2-3 pilot sites to refine and improve and (c) Suggest mechanisms to ensure oversight, continuous compliance and monitoring Completed


15. Development of face recognition system for Handaling large database and Development of advanced techniques for video enhancement CDAC Kolkata 205.00 (a) Development of Advanced Techniques for Video Enhancement

(b) Enhancement of the capability of already developed automatic face recognition system to handle large facial database with size of 100000 faces

16. Research on Multimodal context switching using multispectral face, periocular and Iris recognition at a distance


IIIT Delhi 120.55 (a) Design & Evaluate face, Periocular and iris recognition algorithms to recognize images captured in both visible and near infrared domain at a distance up to 2 meters for periocular and Iris. And 5 meters for face.

(b) Design context switching algorithm for combining information obtained from face, Periocular and iris depending on the quality of images.

17. Design and Development of an Online Information Security Metrics Tool Jadavpur University, Kolkata


183.88 (a) Development and Implementation of an Online Information Security Metrics Tool for real-time analysis and measurement, and near-real-time alert generation for Operational and Compliance issues. (b) Enhancement of WISSDOM2 (“Web-service based Information System Security Design and Operational Management”) Tool Suites (WISSDOM2-Egov and WISSDOM2-Telecom) by incorporating user feedbacks and upcoming Standard, namely ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and 27002:2013. (c) Re-design of WISSDOM2-Banking as per requirement of IDRBT based on ISO 27015 standard and the Information Security framework published by IDRBT. Completed


18. Development of an Intelligent adaptive video monitoring and recording system IIT, Madras 149.04 (a) Development and enhancement of existing algorithms for detection and tracking of humans, and extraction of faces in high-resolution in semi crowed scenes (b) Development of appropriate protocols and software for transmission and storage of such extracted images and videos in appropriate compression formats. Ongoing
19. Design Development and Enhancement of Cyber Forensics tools C-DAC, Thirvannanthapuram 805.25 Enhancement and refining of existing tools (Cyber Check, Mobile Check, Enterprise Forensics System, Network Session Analyzer, Cyber Investigator, WinLift, CDR Analyzer, Multilingual Search Tool, Image Forensics Tool, MobileXtractor) with features incorporating technology advancement and requirements from Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). Completed
20. Development of Tool for Detection of XML Based Injection Vulnerabilities in Web Applications NIT, Surathkal 38.16 Develop a tool for detection of XML based injection vulnerabilities in web applications. The prototype tool will be demonstrated with the help of a web application Completed
21. Design & Development of Honeynet System for Broadband Networks C-DAC Mohali 246.2 (a) Design and development of a Honeynet sensor for broadband networks, (b) customization of Botnet tracking engine (developed in earlier project) for broadband networks and (c) development of a dashboard for the visualization of attack data from multiple sensors Completed
22. Study and Analysis of Power Analysis Waveforms of Side Channel Attacks to identify the Cryptosystems Assam University, Silchar 11.00 Make a detail study in the domain of power analysis attack Completed
23. Cybercrime Awareness Workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA)-Phase III” DSCI New Delhi 91.20 Create awareness among Law Enforcement Officers of the states on investigating cyber crimes. Towards which 12 cybercrime awareness workshops would be carried out in states where such awareness is lacking Ongoing


24. Design and Development of digital Multimedia Forgery Detection System IIIT Delhi 49.80 Collection of authentic and forged images/videos from different cameras. Forensic agencies would be consulted for inputs.


Identification of different features generated by lossy compression techniques such as Discrete Wavelet Transform or Discrete Cosine Transform.

Experimental evaluation of the features in order to classify single (authentic) and double (forged) compressed images/videos.

Exploring the model by testing it using forged media with different manipulation techniques such as additive noise, scaling, cropping, filtering and other signal processing measures.

Investigating the classification of a given media corresponding to its source camera.

Analysis of tracing the source camera used for capturing the given image/video.

Integration of all the components to build a working prototype.

Testing the prototype system on videos captured by CCTV, hand held digital cameras, mobile phones and other digital media capturing devices.

25. Development of Robust and Genernic Model of e-Security Index DSCI New Delhi 45.17 Develop robust and generic model of e-security index with carefully selected parameters and with adjustable weights assigned at every level where consolidation of scores takes place such as sub-index, area, and parameter and sub-parameter level. Completed
26. Design and Implementation of static analysis techniques for detecting security vulnerabilities in android application IISc Bangalore 53.70 Design and implement static analysis techniques to find security vulnerabilities in Android applications Ongoing
27. Security Analysis Framework for Anroid Platform MNIT Jaipur 55.50 Develop an investigation framework for app analysis and modelling propagation of malicious apps within a network of interconnected Android device instance (physical and emulated) Ongoing
28. Setting up of National Digital Crime Resource and Training Centre (NDCRTC)By SVP National Policy Academy C-DAC Hyderabad 368.58 Design and development of the course curriculum and its delivery for various stake holders like Law Enforcement Agency (LEA)s, Prosecution, judiciary, Banking Industry, etc. in the field of digital crime prevention, detection, mitigation & investigation (digital forensics) etc.


“Train the Trainer” Program to augment the capacity building of the State Police Digital/Cyber Crime Training Centers.

Best practices for the investigation and prosecution of digital crime of various nature bringing uniformity and standardization in investigation of such crime(s) and make case studies for training.

Liaison with various national and international agencies working in the same arena

Creation of resource portal along with e-learning methodologies over cloud and facilities for courseware dissemination, information exchange, resource persons/organizations sharing of expertise.

29. Creating mass cyber security awareness among schools, colleges and government employees through appropriate training and campaign mechanism in NE states of Manipur and Sikkim NIELIT Centres IMPHAL and Gangtok 154.94 To partner with schools, colleges and Universities to develop and distribute materials in local languages to students with a view to raise awareness of appropriate cyber security behavior while using computers and Internet.


To provide cyber security and ethics curriculum and explore opportunities for introducing awareness contents as part of the courses.

To conduct faculty training programs for schools and colleges.

Setting up cyber security web portal and implementing help line through the portal.

To organize cyber security discussions/talks on T.V./ Radio.

To publish cyber security awareness articles and advertisements in newspapers and magazines of the Northeast.

To develop and distribute audio and video CD on cyber security.

30. Development of person identification system using online handwriting IIT Guwahati 72.00 Develop a person identification system based on online handwriting for Indian languages –Assamese and Hindi Ongoing
31. Development of a Robust speaker Authentication system Rajiv Gandhi University 47.46 Development of a prototype person authentication system robust to the intra-speaker variability due to change in spoken language and emotional state of the speaker comprising a speech database of 100 speakers at different emotional conditions for the languages of Arunachal Pradesh Ongoing
32. Setting up of Cyber Forensic Training Centre (Cyber Centre) for Uttarakhand Police C-DAC Noida 123.60 Design to setup and establish a State-of-the-Art Cyber Forensics Training Facility (Cyber Centre) in Uttarakhand for the benefit of Uttarakhand police, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Stake holders.


To develop human resources in Uttarakhand by creating awareness level, expert & technical manpower from amongst the Uttarakhand police, Law Enforcement Agencies & other Stake holders.

To conduct training programs on Cyber Forensics for Uttarakhand police & other stakeholders

Use of the developed training facility for Cyber Forensic Analysis in Uttarakhand (North Region) and to assist the Law Enforcement Agencies in case analysis with a ready setup for analysis.

33. Enhancement of Cyber Forensic Lab for advanced training to law enforcement agencies to handle emerging cyber crimes and capacity building of youths in the area of cyber security in NE states NIELIT centres, Kohima 152.00 To provide advanced forensic training to the law enforcement agencies in the new emerging cyber threats and proper investigation thereof to mitigate the cyber-crimes rising in the NE States.


To provide training on certificate course in the area of cyber security to the Youths of NE states

Implementation of the visualization Technology in computer forensic & cyber security lab.

To develop training materials on advance cyber forensics and cybercrime.

34. Development of Cyber Security Test Bed Specifications and test Methodologies for Industrial Control Systems C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram 55.81 Conduct study on the security standards relating to Industrial Control System like ISA 99/IEC 62443, NIST SP-800-82, NIST 7628, CIP 000 - CIP 009, BIS 3292, BIS 3299


Conduct study on security of an Industrial control Systems with detailed system study in one of the automation system implemented in power sector. The system study is aimed to be conducted covering all the details of an automation system including all automation devices, sensors, actuators, signals and computer systems of a typical Industrial control system in power systems SCADA from major vendors.

Develop the Cyber security test bed specifications and develop and standardize the test procedure to test cyber security and its impact of attack on an ICS system.

35. Development of Algorithms for Matching near-infrared facial images to visible light images across variation in pose and resolution IISc ,Bangalore 26.54 Develop algorithms for matching near-infrared (NIR) to visible light facial images for person identification across pose, illumination and resolution Ongoing
36. Development of security solution for defence against attacks in virtualization and hypervisor technologies for cloud computing C-DAC, Bangalore 153.34 Design and develop hypervisor security components to provide defenses against the identified runtime attacks to ensure confidentiality in the Virtualization and Hypervisor layers of Cloud computing infrastructures Ongoing