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IT for Masses


The objectives of the programme are to initiate/promote activities in ICT for focused groups and beneficiaries residing in focused areas for inclusive growth of the IT Sector. The aforesaid programme is aimed at empowering & upliftment of the following:

  1. Focused Groups:
    • Women
    • Scheduled Caste
    • Scheduled Tribe
    • Senior Citizen
    • Differently-abled
    • Economically weaker section
  2. Focused Areas:
    • North Eastern Region
    • Backward Districts
    • Blocks & Districts having more than 40% SC/ST population
    • Aspirational Districts.

Implementation Mechanism:

  1. IT Training: IT Training is specific to the Information Technology (IT) industry, or to the skills necessary for performing information technology jobs. IT Training includes courses related to the application, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems.
  2. IT infrastructure Creation: Establishment of ICT Infrastructure are available for the capacity building and enhancement in livelihood activities of focus groups which will be available for sustainability.
  3. Capacity Building: To obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge on ICT tools & equipment and other resources needed to perform the job competently or to a greater capacity.
  4. Entrepreneur Creation: Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. It has been described as the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit”.
  5. Cluster Development: The economic development of business clusters to stimulate urban and rural economic growth. The purpose is to promote economic development within the cluster by improving the competitiveness of one or several specific business sectors.
  6. Deployment of IT Tools: To develop IT tools keeping in mind the needs of focused groups and deployment of the same for increasing their efficiency and increase livelihood activities.

No. of beneficiaries trained.

Till December, 2019, over 5.5 lakh women, 73,405 SCs and 37,310 STs Candidates have been benefited directly or indirectly from 93 projects funded under the programme which was/have been implemented in 25 States / 8 UTs from 2007 onwards.

On-going Projects under IT for masses programme:

  • Project entitled “Empowerment of SC/ST Youth & Women on Enhancement of Livelihood activities using IT & Tool and PMU for IT for Masses” implementing by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kolkata
  • Project entitled “ICT Intervention for Development & Livelihood Enhancement through Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Majhwa block of Mirzapur (a backward district), U.P.” implementing by Digital India Corporation, New Delhi
  • Project entitled “Development of IT solution (Mobile/web App) in Hindi Language on self-employment schemes for empowerment of SCs, STs and women in Himachal” implementing by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Mohali
  • Project entitled “Training of Visually Impaired Persons in Manipur on “Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) of NIELIT & Soft Skill” implementing by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Imphal
  • Project entitled “Skill Development Training of Unemployed SC & ST youths of Tripura towards enabling entrepreneurship & sustainable development” implementing by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Agartala
  • Project entitled “Skill Development Training for the Masses under ICT” implementing by Institute for Design Of Electrical Measuring Instruments, Mumbai
  • Project entitled “ICT based capacity building for empowerment in the area of health and livelihood for the women belonging to SC/ST community in Latur district of Maharashtra” implementing by Digital India Corporation, New Delhi
  • Project entitled “Enhancement of livelihood activities for SC candidates of Delhi NCR Through Capacity Building using ICT” implementing by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, New Delhi

Fee-reimbursement Programme


As per the directions received from NITI Aayog (erstwhile Planning Commission) through MeitY (erstwhile DeitY) Vide their communication No.D.O.No.M-13054/2/2005-BC dated 05.09.2007, NIELIT is implementing the Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) for Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) for Scheduled Tribes since 2007-08. According to the directions and guidelines for implementing the scheme, no fee should be charged from the SC and ST candidates for educational and skill development programmes by the Government and autonomous institutions and the expenditure for the Scheme should be accounted for from the SCSP and TSP fund of the respective Ministries /Departments.

Since then, NIELIT Centres are implementing the scheme with the financial support of MeitY. Under this scheme, no fees are being charged from the SC or ST candidates for undergoing courses offered by NIELIT.

No. of beneficiaries trained

Till December, 2019, 1.95 lakh SC/ST candidates have been benefitted under the fee reimbursement programme. The year-wise details of the same is as table below:

Sl.N Year of training No. of SC Candidates No. of ST Candidates Total
1 2007-10 1,208 531 1,739
2 2010-11 752 1,765 2,517
3 2011-12 1,443 2,546 3,989
4 2012-13 2,444 4,768 7,212
5 2013-14 4,374 9,296 13,670
6 2014-15 7,466 13,715 21,181
7 2015-16 10,213 24,058 34,271
8 2016-17 12,640 35,578 48,218
9 2017-18 5,752 27,255 33,007
10 2018-19 6,237 23,182 29,419
Total 52,529 1,42,694 1,95,223